elementia issue 5


By Roger Weaver

Life is green,
but death chose black.
A bully is mean,
but nothing like Jack.
If I chose a path
Would it be good or bad?
If I pick a side
Would it make you sad?
You left for so long.
Now what should I do?
You left me cold,


By JDC Resident

Being lost is hard to find...
wanting to leave my past behind
closing my eyes and counting to ten
waiting for my day to begin
looking at the dream I failed
can’t go back now
that ship has sailed


By Tayler Anne Klein

I broke the silence with a short cough. If anyone else had been in
the sunlit room with me, they would have started and stared as if
I’d broken a silence not meant to be disturbed.


By Kati Klehm

Flying. high.
Sunshine blinding me
Through my thoughts’ shadowy veil
Happiness opening all the doors of my life
All decisions made,
Minute to minute,
Just flowing on the momentum
Of the world’s energy

Love Like a Two Dollar Bill

By Zoë Christianson

When I offered you
A heart full of love
You responded,
like this woman in a toy store
when I tried to spend a two dollar bill
a relative had given me
years ago, when I was young...
Keep it. It may be worth something someday.


By Rachel Franklin

Every day, I walk along the same road,
A path of work and play, the route I know.
Every day, I carry the same, tiring load,
A burden of hopes, fears, and woe.


By Connie Hu

From afar
          it melts into the brush.
Thick, thorny weeds
          ravage its pitiful landscape.
It is forbidding terrain,
          with a pothole landmine and shattered windows,
          looking like gouged eye sockets.

Rainy Nights

By Abbey Mock

I sit in my bed,
Rain pouring outside,
Sadness of the past flooding through my windows,
The night that my father left,
The day he decided I did not matter,
At a young age,
I was left alone,
On a rainy night like this one,
Hours past,

Take My Fear

By Ayah Abdul-Rauf

DIM… DIM… DIM… DIM… DIM… The soft, high note of the last key on a piano rang through the night repeatedly… and it was keeping someone up.


By Ben Jensen

She was like a spider.
Walking youthfully and childlike,
on the verge of being crushed.

She was robbed of her innocence,
it was taken away before her prime.
She sat staring out the window,
the tears falling like the rain outside.


By Emmy Hartman

I wait for

I sit quietly
and picture
wondering if
you will still

Stress and Comfort

By Melanie Leng

Sometimes, when the soft spring rain
slowly soaks the earth,
And lightly fingers everything,
Giving it a coat of droplets,
The color of everything begins to fade...
It darkens out the colors
And smooths out texture.
It creates a soft scene,

You and Me

By Robert Williams

Was’ up with you and me
can you tell me that
I think the way you have been treating me
is flat out whack
I’ve been putting myself out there
as the months have gone by
But no matter how far we get
you continue to pull back

The Secret

By Cole Fevold

A secret that was not meant for ears,
Would be told for many years.
Some whispered words meant for a friend,
Would be overheard and spread without end.


By Brittani Ball

What shall be wrong with me?
What shall I fear
What shall be wrong with me
is nothing I fear
If I shall fear what is wrong with me
I shall only fear myself
Even though you shall see me
you shall not know.

I Am the Quiet Little Hispanic Girl

By Stephanie Lara

I am the quiet little Hispanic girl,
Light skinned
people make fun of me
they say I am not the color I’m supposed to be.
But who cares? It’s me not you!


By Maddie Miguel

Truth is lost in our society.
It’s constantly altered into lies
that we all think is true but isn’t.
Truth, although harshly real,
is transformed into gossip
confusing its listeners.
Sliding off the tongues
of well trained liars

What the Fck You, excerpt

By David Marrero

Every time that you
promise It puts me in this
constant positive mood then
you let me down

why don’t you just stop it?

Getting my hopes up so high
why would you even bother?
This relationship slightly
reminding me of my father

Straight Back To Nothingness

By Becky Peda

Honestly, if you ever think about it
No one ever knows where to turn,
The corridors are melting into hallways
These hallways are melting into hell.

Vintage War

By Dotty Harrison

Life to all, the empty promise
I’ve found something new
Take your script and watch it slip through
Cracks so obvious

And we still fight in vain
Who’s the one that wins?
No one’s truly saved
No room left to swim
Life to all, the empty promise

Autumn Hearts excerpt

By Elizabeth Kelly

Silence is here again.
No whispering trees
Not even a howl from the wind.
The river no longer laughs.
The sounds of our happiness are gone,
But I will never forget that bright autumn day

Losing Lila

By Jessica Sutter

It looked a bit like Lila, but it wasn’t Lila. I don’t know why people say that when someone dies they look like they’re sleeping. Her skin was dull grey and colder than ice. Her long body lay limp and heavy on the stainless steel table. Her clothes were dirty and rumpled.

Hawaiian Paradise

By Daria Le Grand

The sky gleamed a radiant blend of colors which reflected on the glassy ocean. The aroma of varieties of flowers fresh from the fields lingered in the air.

Drip Drop

By Maggie May Price

Today is one of those days, where everyone stops to take a minute and appreciate what we have, rather than what we want. We worry about the tiny little things in life that don’t matter, instead of the things that can change our life. Today is one of those days.


By Erin Ashley

The mountain trail is steep, and even I am having a hard time staying upright. The ridge I’m on is rocky and desolate, and I am the only thing moving. My chest is heaving as I struggle over the treacherous granite.


By Claire Christie

The place many memories were made, where laughs echo throughout the woods. Splashes into the water below can still be heard and felt on a hot summer’s day. The rope that hangs, worn and weathered from young hands, gripping it tightly.


By Will Fleming

I love watching cows. They remind me of my blankets on cold nights, when all is freezing, and I need something to snuggle up with. Each cow is unique, like a snowflake. Sometimes it’s hard to find the difference, but if you look close enough the picture becomes clear.

Quite simply, you are a parallel revolution

By Brooke Shippee

Life is a never-ending coil
With twists and turns
And you are the one thing that I did not count on.

You are the mistake in a waltz.






By Margot Newcomer

Standing on this stage, my life flashing before
My eyes, I remember a time of Youthful
Bliss where the impossible was possible.

Singing sweet melodies to Snow White and
The Wicked Witch, six with fans hanging
On to my every Judy Garland high note.

Yes, I am a Dreamer

By Mary Kaitlan Schmitt

Yeah, I’m a dreamer,
I dream of so many things.

But do you know what separates all
you other dreamers from me?
You all actually work to achieve your
dreams, you
dream about the future and what you
want to become.