Elementia Love


Screaming Secrets : A view from

By Jillian Beyer

She fell on top of me, burrowed her face in my fluff, hands smacking the down inside of me, legs kicking, wriggling, growing restless at the foot. Every night I gave her comfort, she told me her secrets, whispered in the meekest of voices of the taunts and the teases and the tortures of the day.


By JDC Resident

dedicated to joetta I care about u just 2 let you know cuz I don’t know how much love I show

A strong black newbian queen is what I call you

At graduation with 2 babies on your hip U stayed focused and never lost a grip I know it’s been hard staying on the godly tip

Connection at First Sight

By Annie Barry

I read about you in my horoscopes and in a relatable tweet last week as soon as I saw you, I knew those were written about you

All Things Terribly Lovely

By Hannah Holliday

When you asked me who I thought you were and I didn’t have an answer, I was worried. Why does my brain not instantly generate poetry when I think about how beautiful you are? Now that I have an answer I am terrified.


By Sofia Calavitta

Too long we have forgotten The story of breath in our lungs

Depending on who you ask We started from clay, dust, Half of a ribcage, the salt of the Earth, the water of the sea; The old gods.

Museum of Broken Street Signs

By Meghana Lakkireddy

I miss running down the street with you at half past 3 When your dad dropped you off after softball practice on Sunday afternoons. And there was never anything more than grass stains on white pants and empty soda cans that my mom told me to throw away two hours ago. The boys that surrounded us we


By Isabelle Shachtman

You ask me If I know the way back home from here. I sing the words, “yes, dear” back to you like I’m someone else. You say “alright” because you’ve got nothing else to say right now; I respect that. I keep my eyes on the road. I’m not quite sure where you’re looking at this point

she took my poems

By Annie Barry

why do i allow myself to participate in something as dangerously stupid as Love? allow myself to participate i say as if i don’t put myself up to bat in a room full of automatic pitch machines

Five Fingers To Count a Hand

By Callan Latham

I wake before you and in the darkness, I don’t recognize you right away. Your lashes bring their own light, full like fields of crows, a murder of crows.

Treading Water

By Katherine D. Westbrook

This is the pretend-dream, where I am teaching you to swim, and your body and my body remember their names in the water.

We pull them from the lake where they’ve been drowning, covered in salt, covered in sweat and horsetails.

It Doesn't Matter

By Michelle Moore

It doesn’t matter, When the sun sets to the west It doesn’t matter, How fast the current is in the ocean It doesn’t matter, When a storm passes through the plains It doesn’t matter, The way stars twinkle in the night sky It doesn’t matter, When the sun shines on a sandy beach It doesn’t matter, I

Mystery Dream

By Alyssa Rydell

Staring into a vast,  black emptiness  counting sheep-1, 2, 3...  Consciously lying under  the matted black blanket,  Until all consciousness  has been lost out to sea.  Soaring over mile-high waves  of blue and green into the sunset,  The silhouette of her  makes everything seem calm.  Nearing t

Separately Meant to Be

By Anonymous

For the first time, in her selective memory she lies in bed, alone without a light or heartbeat to keep her company. Her heart beats, in rhythm with her thoughts. She barely knows the way to her own door yet she knows the feeling of being a stranger in her own body, living out a fellow stranger’s

Pure Love Stricken Ballroom

By Becky Peda

through the blistering cold she falls to her feet to land in the warmth of your touch her glass slippers give way to the dancing but the scent of your voice is too much the chandeliers hang from the ceiling the cocktails overflowing with pride her hair falls in curls down her shoulder but to her

Lonely Life

By Alyssa Rydell

How many times must we say goodbye? Too many long and drawn out mornings without you. After sunrise, I have no one to wake, No one beside me, No one to shake. Hundreds of times we have had to say goodbye, Too many long and boring days without you. I am alone in my car, With an empty seat beside m

If I Were a Star

By Kelly Morillo

If I were a star I would touch the evening sky. If I were a star I would be brighter than the others.

If I were the moon I would say good night to you when you go to sleep at night. If I were the moon I would shine brighter than the sun.


By Lauren Engelken

All I’ve ever wanted is independence from everyone and to live my own life. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve never had that before living with a large family and controlling parents but it’s something I always long for.

Your Opposite Reactions are Far Beyond Attractive

By Becky Peda

Regretful murder suicides Or better yet, just suicides.

Acting as if you knew all about it, You’re helping a lot, Really, you’re not.

It’s all her fault, She forced it upon her. Bullshit. She loved her to death, The good kind of death, The one you would die for.


By Anna Jones

Built into the foundation Of this very earth Is a virtue, More mysterious, More powerful Than life itself.

Etched in the building blocks of heaven, Inscribed on the clouds up high, Written below the ground I walk, Engraved on the sidewalks in the sky.

Ode to Bunny

By Angi Clem

O, furry friend with aerial ears Short in memory, but long in years You hop, you stretch, you yawn, you drink But as I can guess, you do not think What passes through your fuzzy head? You eat, you run, you go to bed What lessons do you possibly affect To save your sliding intellect? The scales to


By Michele Ortiz

My life is trapped inside glass walls I try hard to make them fall But nothing can penetrate them The only escape is around the rim I’m stuck to the earth around me Hoping one day to be free I try to grow over the rim when it’s low But it seems to rise each time I grow If the walls see weakness i

Light Up the Night

By Anonymous

Immovably unquiet and forever Is the moon’s perch in the sky. Sitting in a blanket of mismatched stars Is the place children go for a sweet midnight dream.

They look up at her majesty, Queen of all the night. For without her presence, Summer dreams would not be alive tonight.

Scared Loveless

By Zoë Christianson

I wish that I could speak my mind more easily. I wish I didn’t fall in love so easily and that it weren’t so obvious.

The Tale of the King of Thieves

By Mellissa Osborne

There is a world so different than ours Where elves walk with man and have mystical powers And in this world, on the streets of a small castletown There you’d find the most honorable rogue around It was home to the King of Thieves.


By Emmy Hartman

Alone, I wait for you.

I sit quietly and picture you, wondering if you will still come.

Though a thousand stairwells have I traversed, never has one felt so alone and empty until I waited for you.

Losing Lila

By Jessica Sutter

It looked a bit like Lila, but it wasn’t Lila. I don’t know why people say that when someone dies they look like they’re sleeping. Her skin was dull grey and colder than ice. Her long body lay limp and heavy on the stainless steel table. Her clothes were dirty and rumpled.

Quite simply, you are a parallel revolution

By Brooke Shippee

Life is a never-ending coil With twists and turns And you are the one thing that I did not count on.

You are the mistake in a waltz.

1 2 3

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1 2 3 4

Quiet Sighs

By Drew Wilson

Whenever I' m alone I miss you Wish I took that chance to kiss you I feel shattered and alone like a dog thats lost his bone  Remembering your laughing eyes my life is filled with quiet sighs Seasons may come and seasons may go it feels so much like yesterday though As I sink deep in dejection I


By Chris Padgett

Speak in your whispers, yet love me the same, Wrap me in wings of comfort that tears can't absolve, See through the struggles were new paths evolve, your silence lies down beside me with only repetitive breath, bask in the gentle touch of my fingers caress, share in the laughter as we dance in th

Necromancer: Confession

By Connor Rice

Rain danced gleefully across the tombstones as if mocking the dead. The now wet moss on older parts of the graveyard made the ground slick. It grew where other forms of life refused for reasons of their own, yet sparingly did the moss do so as if even it respected burial grounds.