elementia issue 6



By Terranie Murphy

Children know that adults lack the answer to most questions.

The World's Paint

By Bailey Tulloch

You may think that color paints the Earth, but really you're wrong.
The things we say have been the culprits all wrong
Take this book, take a look inside,
Don't you see the things we should use with pride?
They fill our hearts, our minds, our soul,


By Hailey Cannon

Chitter chatter
Minds arc racing
Mouths are moving
Everyone's talking
But no one's doing

There's a war
Right outside
People boarding up their windows
Not to block out the bombs
To block out the sons


By Omery Mutalange

The woman I most admire in my life is Ruth, the wife of Killion in the bible.


By Ayah Abdul Rauf

I'm sittin' on a swing and I'm talking to myself while wearing my chocolate mint licorice peanut butter shoes ...
On a desert thinking about other odd things like yellow flowerpots hidden under the bed of the boy next door.

What if the World Had Peace

By Tim Cooke

What if the world had peace,
no one in the world would have to sleep wit a piece,
i need to find inter peace,
the peace that’s inside of me.
we all need peace it’s what provides for thee,

The Writer

By Connor Rice

Creating worlds
The writer does
Is it not?

Conveying a message
With interconnected words
And a simple plot

A thousand ideas
A single pen
The writer has at hand

Yet nothing goes
Onto the blank page
Even at his command

Take a Good Look

By Michelle Ortiz

What do you see,
when you look at me?
Do you see my different ethnicities?
I’m Mexican
I’m French
I’m White
TO claim one any of,
Those aren’t quite right
I was born on american land
Therefore I am American

Never Gone: an essay on grieving

By Utsa Ramaswami

A lonely tear gently drifted its way down my cheek. I wasn’t sure if it was because my rabbit, Hopper, had just died, or because my brother, standing next to me, was also crying.

Out of Breath: an essay on travel

By Iris Dew

I stared at the adorable stuffed plush donkeys on the shelf. “Do you think I should get one for Tommy?” my aunt asked me, thinking about adding another plushy to her dog’s collection. We were in line for the cable cars in Santorini.

Who Turned Off the Lights?

By Rachel Arnold

Zachary sighed and put a hand to his forehead. He took off his glasses and rested his head on his arm, wishing he could find even one decent actor.

Love Overpowers Evil

By Maddie Miguel

An ordinary villager was he
Poor and only twenty-three
His name was Benjamin
And the princess’s heart he wished to win.
The Princess he so wanted to have
But knowing his chances, he grew sad

Keep Safe

By G.F. Synder

A call is a call as a body will fall,
And all through it all the men will stand tall.
To service the call is to liven the brawl.
On their bellies they crawl while the others may stall.
We remember them all whose names paint the wall.

Big Brother

By Robert Williams

My big brother was shot and killed late night October 17th
At a house party just relaxing trying to do his thing
Got into an Altercation but decided to walk away
But the oppose continued agitating all out of his rage

The Arts Are a Religion

By Alexx Graham

The congregation; working actors, writers, dancers, and painters looking for inspiration
The ministry; museum curators, storytellers, and teachers that spread the word
The saints; those who made sacrifices for art’s sake and are forever embedded in history

The Everyday Zombie

By Hannah Jenkins

How do some falsely proclaim to

lie down to sleep in prayer, with a
right heart and mind.

And yet they arise with anger and
strife. Storming with hatred, even
though the sun is bright and shining.
Their soul is black as night.

Our World

By Abbey Mock

You don't know us,
Unless you've been there,
We live differently,
We live our ways,
We fight our ways,
We make our own decisions,
Without parents,
Without any real danger,
But you see it all as danger,
We know it’s a computer,

Paper Wings

By Rachel Karner

In that worn book
With its black etched pages
Scribble marked paths
You chose through the ages
Even paqes wished forgotten
Outnumber those loved
Paper winqs ripped out
And thrown flittering up above
Maybe, you will realize
Later in a day


By Maddie Miguel

My mind is a library
Sorted thoughts of countless words
Memories of different years
Information stored upon thousands of shelves
One little push on one of the shelves
And they will all collapse like dominos
Falling on top of each other violently

Between the Lines

By Eric Dickinson

Behold the cage in the papers lines
Where history will stay behind
A prison for my free thoughts
Where my free words are being caught
In my wonder for my own ways
I wonder where my words will stay

Fault Line

By Rachel Franklin

Nine in the morning
And the crack between us widens.
A low rumbling starts in my chest
Where my heart used to be,
Growing louder and stronger until
I’m shaking
With silent rage.

Writing as a Form of Escape

By Rachel Franklin

They say I write to escape
That I let the words flow like droplets of water
Swept along in a strong current
To get away.

Plea for Goodness

By Rachel Franklin

The world is a spinning ball of darkness when there is no light.
The answers are hidden in a lying mess when there is no truth.

The happiness is crying mournful tears when there is no joy.
The bravery is retreating from its fears when there is no strength.

featured young adult writer: Rachel Franklin

By Rachel Franklin

What inspires you?

How They Used to Say Goodbye

By Erin Ashley

“The End.”

The Mess I Made

By Micah Melia

I’m looking for a trash can,
I’m looking for a broom.
I need to get a move on
I have to leave this place soon.
But I can’t find the door anymore
I can’t leave this place,
Cause of all the mess I’ve made
Caught up in the chase.

The All Powerful Dream

By Lena Sabih

With such dexterity I make a world of my own.
Only here can I hew my imagination with intense zeal
To create greater imagination.
Here we see a prodigy that is us.


By Grace Boehm

I saw your name in lights last night,
like the stars formed together and spelled it out, just for me
a neon sign, in pinks and greens
it’s the middle of the night and i
can’t sleep.
My mind wandering


By Jon Reene

A poem should be equal to what I find engaging
the way the scene keeps shifting around
The first couple stanzas thrown down
For all of a sudden the iron mask represents
The barrier between the author and me
distorting reason from my intrigued mind


By Ayah Abdul Rauf

Her sympathy
made his pain
all the more real...