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Staff Review Sep 23, 2020

“When did you realize poetry could be your companion? Your release?” 

In this episode of the Johnson County Library podcast Did You Hear, Dr. Randall Horton and Anishinaabekwe poet Louise K. Waakaa’igan discuss poetry both as a lifeline and as a discipline.  It’s a discussion between two people who share a gift for and love of poetry; but it’s also a discussion between two people who share a common language that only those who have been “inside” can fully understand.  

Staff Review
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Still Life

By Louise Penny
Rated by Hilary S.
Sep 19, 2020

Louise Penny has written a heart warming mystery series set in Canada. Murder and heart warming might not seem like they go together, but it works here. The series features Inspector Armand Gamache, a charming and quiet Chief Inspector of homicide. First called to the remote village of Three Pines, we meet the main characters of the town, but also Gamache’s team. There is a lot of character development and rich descriptions of the settings, which are  the real draw of the series. There seems to be an alarming amount of murder in the quaint town of Three Pines, Quebec.

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Aug 21, 2020

Though their promotional photos paint them as a house band for a Suzanne Somers workout video, Lawrence's Thighmaster brand of catchy, surf-tinged garage rock strips away the kitsch and establishes them as one of the region's bands to watch. Their debut--Between the Knees and Squeeze--was released earlier this year on High Dive Records, and we spoke to the group about their formation, their unique sound, and their idiosyncratic taste in neon workout attire. 

*How did the group come together?  

Jennifer (Drums): I think the group came together because Jake knows a lot of people who know

Aug 14, 2020

JD Daniel (they/he) is a composer, singer, writer and queer activist whose music has roots in everything from contemporary choral and vocal music to electronica and video-game music. Since they started composing at age 14, Daniel has earned a musicology-focused B.A. in Oxbridge Music and Philosophy from William Jewell College, where he was a Choral Scholar, touring internationally and recording multiple albums. In this interview we explore Daniel's creative process, his musical background, influences and book, music and movie recommendations.


How long have you been a composer? Who were

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