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Staff Review Feb 28, 2019

Eleanor Roosevelt served as her husband’s eyes and ears throughout his twelve years in office; she knew every corner of the United States from personal visits and meetings with locals without a cocoon of Secret Service protection. Starting in 1941, the very hands-on First Lady solved the personal problems of worried Americans while she traversed the continent. Ladies’ Home Journal included her first of several advice columns, entitled “If You Ask Me,” which shares both its name and content with this book.

Staff Review
Cover for Widows


By Steve McQueen
Rated by Zachary C
Feb 15, 2019

To call Widows a heist film is reductive.  It revolves around a heist, but that doesn't do the film justice.

Latest Local Music

Eddie Moore
Wednesday, Mar 20, 2019

Eddie Moore has been called "one of the most important young musicians" in Kansas City. His music is all over the map, encompassing everything from jazz to prog rock to funk, especially as showcased on such internationally acclaimed albums as Kings and Queens (with The Outer Circle) and his new band We the People on 2018's Bando. Moore has been recognized for his music highly collaborative, genre-pushing music as well as the many different music classes he teaches on a regular base in and around Kansas City. It is an honor to share an exclusive interview with Eddie Moore.

Kemet the Phantom
Tuesday, Mar 12, 2019

Kemet the Phantom is Kemet Coleman, Vibe Maker, urbanist, rap artist, CEO and performer. His reach as a positive social and entertainment force in Kansas City seemingly knows no bounds. As both a solo performer and a member of The Phantastics, Coleman's music (which he has called a "winding river of sound") is as multi-disciplinary and energetic as his work on social and entrepreneurial endeavors. We are honored to share an exclusive interview with the man himself about the origins of The Phantom, his creative process and much more. Enjoy!

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