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Staff Review Feb 20, 2018

After writing about the struggles of Gen X and Millennials in 2006's Generation Me, and the rise of society-wide obsession with self in 2009's Narcissism Epidemic, Dr. Twenge then set her sights on a new, decidedly different, group of young people.

Staff Review
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Time Writing Contest Winner

By Frank Higgins
Rated by Helen H.
Feb 19, 2018

The Readers Advisory committee is pleased to announce that Frank Higgins has won our TIME poetry contest with his poem "The Summer We're All Sixteen". We love way the poem circles back on itself and illustrates both the universality of time and its unique passage for each of us.

Frank Higgins writes plays, and occasionally poetry and haiku.


The summer we’re all sixteen

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Friday, Feb 23, 2018

What is Schwervon!? Nothing less than Shawnee, Kansas's contribution to the world of ultra-catchy indie rock. Formed by Matt Roth and Nan Turner in New York City, Schwervon! are a prolific musical force with a catalog chock full of albums, EPs and singles, not to mention their own side projects and national and international touring schedules. They have worked with such indie luminaries as Belle and Sebastian, Guided by Voices and Speedy Ortiz. We are excited to share an interview with the couple about their recent European tour and other subjects. Enjoy!

Julie Bennett Hume
Friday, Feb 16, 2018

Julie Bennett Hume's musical journey has taken many twists and turns. A folk artist who began writing songs when she was a high school senior, Hume became grounded in bluegrass, Appalachian and Cajun music, sharpening her skills as a singer, bassist and guitarist. We're fortunate to share an interview with Hume about her life's work, her new album, the aptly titled Late Bloomer, and what inspires her.

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