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The Boy in the Black Suit book cover

The Boy in the Black Suit

By Jason Reynolds
Rated by Kristen Re.
Apr 8, 2021

Matt Miller, a senior in high school, is dealing with the recent death of his mom to cancer.  Mr. Ray, Matt’s neighbor, offers him a job at the funeral home.  He is hesitant to take it but can’t pass up the good paycheck. So, Matt becomes the boy in the black suit because he starts wearing it every day.  In a way it brings Matt comfort to watch the funerals.  “I liked watching other people deal with the loss of someone, not because I enjoyed seeing them in pain, but because, somehow, it made me feel better knowing that my pain isn’t only mine.”

Latest Local Music

Apr 1, 2021

Alisa Jefferson's brand of visceral hard rock will be instantly familiar to fans of the not-long-enough lineage of female-fronted classic rock artists. Already known around Kansas City music scene for leading the band Radial Red, Jefferson is striking out on her own with a solo album. In this interview, Jefferson talks about this new album, her creative process and the local musicians who have inspired her.

Describe your music for new listeners. Who are some of your musical influences? 

Mar 26, 2021

Jacob E.chord, AKA Jacob Eckhardt's music is, in his own words, "60s-space-roots-rock innocence blended with Steely Dan-inspired cheekiness and attempted production sophistication" -- an apt description for the heavily melodic songs blasting from his alternate-universe FM radio speakers. A deeper look reveals an incredibly talented songwriter and instrumentalist at work on these multi-layered productions. His newest album, Lava Lion's Reflections in Retrospect, is further evidence of this.

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