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Black mother kisses child goodnight

Bedtime Bonnet

By Nancy Amanda Redd
Rated by Becky C.
Feb 4, 2021

Bedtime Bonnet is a joy. The premise is simple, showing how each person in a multi-generational Black family prepares their hair for bedtime, and how they fix their hair the next morning before going about their day. I highly recommend reading this picture book with young children of every race and ethnicity. I wish this book had been available in the 1970s, when I was a white girl growing up in the segregated suburbs of Kansas City.

Latest Local Music

Mar 4, 2021

Gullywasher is an Americana and folk trio from Kansas City, MO, in the musical vein of Uncle Tupelo and early Wilco. Led by singer-songwriter Chris Hudson (who doubles as a music instructor at Kansas City Young Audiences), Gullywasher are about to release a brand new album, Holding the Dawning. Enjoy our interview with Hudson about the new music, his creative process and key influences.


Jan 14, 2021

Everett the Grey is the musical project of Alex Hill, who combines influences as disparate as folk, hip-hop, rock and jazz into an engaging, organic and personal sound. In this interview, Hill describes the roots and challenges of his creative process, his influences, and how he balances music with the demands of being a third year medical student at University of Kansas.  Thank you to Alex for a fascinating insight into his work as an artist. Enjoy!


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