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The Portrait

By Antoine Laurain
Rated by Maryana K.
Nov 17, 2017

The Portrait follows the journey of Pierre-François Chaumont, a married Parisian attorney. As a boy, Pierre is influenced by his uncle to become a collector of objects. He begins with scented erasers, but quickly raises the level of sophistication and moves on to antiques. By the time the reader finds Pierre in present day, his collection is massive and a point of contention between him and his wife. It is his latest purchase, a portrait of a man, which really puts their marriage on shaky ground.

Staff Review Nov 15, 2017

Shirley Jackson is one of my favorite authors, and I really enjoyed this biography about her life. Even if you are unfamiliar with Jackson, however, you can appreciate this well-researched biography that chronicles the social and political background that shaped the author's writing, as well as the mindset of America during her adult life in the 1930s through the 1960s. Each chapter describes two to four years of her life, from her birth in California in 1916, through her move to New York, until finally her death in Vermont at the age of 48.

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Edison Lights
Thursday, Nov 16, 2017

Citing influences as mighty as Big Star, The Replacements and The Beatles, the songs of Edison Lights are filled with exuberant guitar-based hooks and arena-sized melodies. The band formed in 2014 for a company picnic, and since then the band has developed a sound that recalls classic power-pop eras while sounding fresh and inspired by their musical antecedents. Edison Lights are celebrating the release of their debut album Bright Light, Dark Matters. We're excited to share an exclusive interview with and recommendations from lead singer Eason Pritchard.

Crystal Clayton
Friday, Oct 27, 2017

Crystal Clayton has been singing and writing songs since she was fifteen years old but has known since she was three that she wanted to sing. Her newest EP, Too Human, is evidence of how hard she has worked on her craft over the years. It's the kind of full-blown pop music that doesn't come out of Kansas City too often. We're lucky to share an interview with Clayton about her new music, her musical background and her book, music and movie recommendations.

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