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Staff Review Apr 24, 2017

Alaska. I imagine it’s the most remote you can get while remaining on American soil. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to pack your bags and move there, save yourself the trip and read Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs first.

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By Blythe Woolston
Rated by Chris K.
Apr 19, 2017

This is a book of ideas. A slight character story overlaid on a world of big ideas. Amusingly sad; sadly amusing. Consider, for instance, its beginning:

Sexual Responsibility is boring.

It isn't Ms. Brody's fault. She's a good teacher. She switches channels at appropriate moments, tases students who need tasing--zizzz-ZAAPPP!--and she only once got stuck in the garbage can beside her teaching station. She was a teeny bit weepy that day, but no drunker than normal . . .

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Saturday, Apr 22, 2017

Write a list of your top five most desirable artifacts from anywhere in the world. Then describe what it is about each of them that so draws you in.

Hint: This isn't about wanting and possessing, it's about understanding your passions and using that understanding to direct yourself toward those things that represent significance.

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Keaton Conrad
Wednesday, Apr 19, 2017

Keaton Conrad has been writing and recording his own music since his early teens. Now 18 and a high school senior, Conrad has just released a new album, Waves, which show real growth as a songwriter, musician and singer. While Waves is purely a solo effort (he performed all the music himself), it is by no means the work of an amateur. These songs are polished and ready for airtime. We're excited to share an interview Keaton Conrad about his new music, how it was recorded and what he appreciates most about music in Kansas City. Enjoy!

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