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Staff Review Sep 20, 2017

Having never experienced life in a rehab center I cannot speak to the authenticity or veracity of the setting Benjamin Alire Sáenz creates in, Last Night I Sang To The Monster. 18 year-old Zach is an alcoholic who comes out of a black out in a treatment center with no memory of how he got there. I can say the novel is populated by memorable characters who are engaged in emotionally resonant relationships in a visceral setting.

Staff Review Sep 18, 2017

The Devil and Sherlock Holmes is not what I expected, but I wasn't disappointed, either. The twelve previously published magazine stories are similar to Holmes mysteries, but not all involve crimes. Grann immerses himself in his work, reporting on his subjects’ history, and detailing his own interactions with them.

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James Mobberley
Thursday, Sep 7, 2017

With a history of composition going back to the 1970s, James Mobberley has been one of UMKC's most prominent professors of composition since joining the faculty in 1983. It's a program that has grown to be among the very best in the country, drawing students from all over the world. His own music is just as highly regarded, covering everything from works for full orchestra and chamber ensembles to experimental pieces for tape. We are extremely fortunate to share an interview with Mobberley about the intersections between teaching and composing, his creative process and book, music and movie recommendations.

Pablo Sanhueza
Thursday, Aug 31, 2017

Pablo Sanhueza is many things: bandleader, Latin jazz percussionist, musical scholar, master and student. The Chilean-born musician is perhaps best known for leading the KC Salsa & Latin Jazz All Stars ensemble, but his musical imprint does not stop there.  He is a songwriter who has toured widely, sharing the stage with the likes of Poncho Sanchez, Titos Sompa, Dave Valentin and Bobby Watson. We are honored to share an interview with Sanhueza. Enjoy!

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