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Kelly Hunt

Kelly Hunt

Kelly Hunt makes the kind of music that will strike you as instantly familiar yet strangely new and vital. Her voice and banjo are perfectly suited for her stunning brand of Americana/roots music. She recorded her first album, Even the Sparrow, over the course of two years, a period of time she describes requiring "a great deal of patience and perseverance and growth" and that she is "proud of the grit it has taken to make this album a reality." We are honored to share an interview with Kelly Hunt, along with her book, music and movie recommendations.


Tell us about your new upcoming debut album, Even the Sparrow. What have you learned from this process that you’ll take to future recordings?

This album has been over two years in the making, but it’s finally complete and available exclusively on my website, www.kellyhuntmusic.com, until its official release in December 2018! This being my first album, I have had so much to learn. Along with my duo partner/co-producer, Staś Heaney, I’ve immersed myself in every phase of album production—from writing and producing to recording, mixing, and mastering. It took me months just to figure out how to effectively be in the studio. It requires a very different kind of focus and skillset than live performance. And I had to develop an ear for mixing and mastering, which are a science and art unto themselves. It is such a nuanced process, but being a part of it every step of the way has given me a lot of confidence moving forward.

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