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Save the Date! The 2021 Writers Conference will be Thursday, Nov. 4 – Sunday, Nov. 7.

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The Writers Conference is coming up in November! Register for the conference. In preparation for this awesome 4 day event, we have four prompts to flex your creative muscles. Each prompt will be featured in a daily write-in facilitated by Polly McCann of Flying Ketchup Press during the conference. Each prompt is inspired by suits and their archetypes.

Aim for 1000 words for each prompt, and do not feel rushed to complete them right away, you will have the rest of October and all of November to submit your piece!

Thursday, Nov. 4
Wands – Creativity and will: Write a scene, story or poem from the perspective of someone who believes in miracles, magic and the power of the creative mind.

Friday, Nov. 5
Pentacles – Material body or possessions: Write a scene that consumes you or your MC's five senses- sight, sound, sense, smell, and taste.

Saturday, Nov. 6
Cups – Emotions and love: Write about something or someone you or your MC desire, love and dream about and why they just can't get close enough to what they want. 

Sunday, Nov. 7
Swords – Reason: Write about something you need to cut out, cut up, or conquer.

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Every month we host a new contest with prizes including a $200 honorarium and an invitation to read at a Library event. Our contest theme for September - December is The Fools Journey. One winner will be selected from submissions of poetry, short fiction, and essays. See previous winners, or read more about the guidelines and enter your original works »