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Save the Date! The 2021 Writers Conference will be Thursday, November 4 – Sunday, November 7th.

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Ah, August. The month that foreshadows the start of a new school year while still bombarding us with summer temperatures. It can be hard to transition back from that summer mindset even if we are not the ones headed back to school.

How does your daily routine change as we enter August? Are there activates you have to stop or start again? Maybe August is the time your family uses to ease everyone back into school mode? In 500 words or less tell us about how you use August to adjust from the summer months to the fall months. Submit your piece​Submit your piece​ »

Writing Contests:

Every month we host a new contest with prizes including a $200 honorarium and an invitation to read at a Library event. One winner will be selected from submissions of poetry, short fiction, and essays. See previous winners, or read more about the guidelines and enter your original works »