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a body, dressed in regular clothes, floating through space with the title "Six Wakes" intertwined with its limbs

Six Wakes

By Mur Lafferty
Rated by Courtney S
Apr 27, 2017

Somewhere far away from earth, six crew members wake aboard a spaceship bound for a new colony. As clones, the crew members are accustomed to waking up in new bodies, usually with their memories intact. This time, though, decades of memories are missing. And worse, someone has murdered the old bodies of the crew members. Without any record of what happened and why, the crew must fight to solve a murder in which they are all prime suspects, even to themselves.

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Court of Fives

By Kate Elliott
Rated by Chris K.
Apr 26, 2017

This offers a complex, rigidly hierarchical society and a protagonist stuck right in the middle of it, with plenty of tense action resulting.

Staff Review Apr 24, 2017

Alaska. I imagine it’s the most remote you can get while remaining on American soil. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to pack your bags and move there, save yourself the trip and read Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs first.

Teen Staff Review
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By Blythe Woolston
Rated by Chris K.
Apr 19, 2017

This is a book of ideas. A slight character story overlaid on a world of big ideas. Amusingly sad; sadly amusing. Consider, for instance, its beginning:

Sexual Responsibility is boring.

It isn't Ms. Brody's fault. She's a good teacher. She switches channels at appropriate moments, tases students who need tasing--zizzz-ZAAPPP!--and she only once got stuck in the garbage can beside her teaching station. She was a teeny bit weepy that day, but no drunker than normal . . .

Staff Review Apr 16, 2017

"There were little white boys with complete collections of football cards, and their only want was a popular girlfriend, and their only worry was poison oak." - Ta-Nehisi Coates, 'Between The World and Me'

Staff Review Apr 14, 2017

If science fiction isn’t your favorite genre, but you’re willing to dip a toe in, All Our Wrong Todays is a highly entertaining read about self-discovery, family and love; with a time machine and alternate realities. 

Staff Review Apr 12, 2017

Growing old isn't easy and caring for your loved ones as they grow old is even harder. The everyday stress of eldercare is beyond hard. How to Care for Aging Parents is considered the number one resource in print that will help with caring for a loved one and making decisions that are right for you.

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Deer running in forest

Forest of Memory

By Mary Robinette Kowal
Rated by Jackie S.
Apr 10, 2017

Have you ever questioned the reliability of your own memory? Do you wish you had a record of everything you encountered so you could refer to it later? What if having this capability meant that other people had access to information about you without your consent?

Staff Review Apr 8, 2017

Whether you love or hate Eat, Pray, Love—Gilbert actually addresses this dichotomy—Big Magic should not be ignored. She begins by defining creative living as “the hunt for the strange jewels the universe has buried in each of us,” and then provides examples of people she knows who have found their jewels.

Staff Review Apr 6, 2017

We have all taken personality tests that put us into one box or another in an attempt to better understand ourselves. In Susan Cain’s book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking, Cain analyzes the introvert/extrovert dichotomy with a particular focus on how introverts think and what motivates them. Cain argues that we live in an extrovert-centric society that values and praises the high achieving socialites over the less outgoing thinkers.