Cover of Lauren J. A. Bear's "Medusa's Sisters" featuring the snake-haired creatures of Greek myth

Medusa's Sisters

By Lauren J. A. Bear
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Aug 22, 2023

Hello and welcome to #NoWaitWednesdays, where we pick an item off the New Release shelf at one of our library branches that's available for a lucky reader to discover. There are always plenty of gems at the library to find that don't require a two-month wait on the hold lists, and the New Release shelves are always a great place to explore and find your next favorite read.

Medusa is a familiar figure in Greek mythology - a female monster with snakes for hair and a gaze that turns men to stone, usually presented as an antagonist to the hero Perseus, who then cuts off her head to use as a weapon

Cover of The Witch of Tin Mountain by Paulette Kennedy

The Witch of Tin Mountain

By Paulette Kennedy
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Aug 15, 2023

Hello and welcome to #NoWaitWednesday, where we take a look at a title that's sitting on our New Release shelves that's just waiting for a lucky patron to check it out.

Set in the hills of the Ozarks on the Missouri-Arkansas border during the Great Depression, a young woman, Gracelynn Doherty, lives a quiet life as she helps her grandmother get by as a midwife and apothecary to the local community, supplying herbs, advice, and rudimentary medical care to those around Tin Mountain. Whispers abound that Gracelynn - and her Granny - are actually witches, but people still come to their remote

Aug 8, 2023

Looking for a good book? (Who isn't, really?) We at the library love pointing out all the great books we have on our shelves for patrons to enjoy. For those of you who are in a hurry, on Wednesdays we wear pink love spotlighting a great book that's available on our New Release shelves right now - or, at least, available the last time we checked. Find a great book right here and right now that doesn't require you to be number on a long wait list! We call this #NoWaitWednesdays, and we hope it helps you find your next great read.

Some Desperate Glory isn't a debut, exactly, but it is Emily Tesh's

Cover of Hula by Jamin Iolani Hakes


By Jasmine Iolani Hakes
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Aug 1, 2023

Here at the library, we love books. We especially love books that we don't have to wait for. This is why on #NoWaitWednesdays, we spotlight a book that - at the time of this writing, anyway - is sitting on the New Release shelf at a local branch, just waiting for someone to come by and check it out. So if this book sounds like something you might be interested in, go ahead and press that hold button! You might be deeply immersed in its pages far faster than you might expect.

Many of our book group patrons LOVE a good multi-generational novel. There's something about a story where one generation

Jul 25, 2023

If you're a regular reader of this space, you might know that we occasionally spotlight books on their release date. But there is often a delay between the time when a book gets published and the time it can be bought, shipped, cataloged, tagged, and delivered to the shelves of your local library. So today we're introducing #NoWaitWednesdays, where we take a look at a title on the shelves of the New Release section of one of our branches that is desperately waiting for you to check it out. We can't guarantee there will be no wait at all, of course, but if it's on the shelf when we publish our