A white house on a hill with a woman on a broomstick flying above. There is a yellow car in the driveway and a man in yellow standing in the lower right corner looking up at the woman.

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches

By Sangu Mandanna
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Rated by Michelle H
Mar 13, 2023

I loved The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches sooooo much! Everything about it sparkles with stardust. Found family, sweet romance, slow-smile humor and magical mayhem are all here for your enjoyment. The main characters are wonderfully developed and even with their secrets and flaws you want to serve them tea, give them hugs and wrap them up in soft blankets. If the villain is a bit stereotypical and the foreshadowing is occasionally obvious, these things are easy to overlook because you'll be too wrapped up in warm fuzzies to care. Highly recommend!

Vase of flowers in front of a window

Still Life

By Louise Penny
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Rated by Hilary S.
Sep 19, 2020

Louise Penny has written a heart warming mystery series set in Canada. Murder and heart warming might not seem like they go together, but it works here. The series features Inspector Armand Gamache, a charming and quiet Chief Inspector of homicide. First called to the remote village of Three Pines, we meet the main characters of the town, but also Gamache’s team. There is a lot of character development and rich descriptions of the settings, which are  the real draw of the series. There seems to be an alarming amount of murder in the quaint town of Three Pines, Quebec. We find ourselves here

Stardew Valley

By ConcernedApe

Rated by Library Staff (not verified)
Jun 16, 2017

Sometimes you just need something wholesome and peaceful in your life.  Welcome to Stardew Valley.

This simple little indie game that could has made its way from a Steam trial to major consoles. Your completely customizable character gives up on corporate life and goes to live on the farm inherited from your grandfather. You have absolute control over how you live your life from there.

The neighboring town is full of interesting characters, twelve of whom are potentially romanceable.  There are hidden intrigues and depictions of realistic problems, but nothing will drag you down.


Wicked Autumn by G. M. Malliet

Rated by Library Staff (not verified)
Mar 6, 2013

A modern English cozy, Wicked Autumn is set in the village of Nether Monkslip. Everyone you expect is there along with some new friends: There’s the retired Major; the flamboyant owner of the antique store; a New Age wiccan; the village doctor and his sexy sister; a restaurateur with a Continental background; and a woman who spins her own yarn before knitting it into expensive garments. Of course a peaceful English village would be incomplete without the village’s social tyrant, Wanda Batton-Smythe. The new vicar just happens to be a retired MI5 agent turned Anglican priest, but those skills

Oct 25, 2012

I admit: The reason I first picked up a book by Ayelet Waldman is because I have a literary crush on her husband, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Michael Chabon.  I wanted to get into the head of Waldman, to see what Chabon sees in her.  After having devoured all seven of her Mommy-Track Mystery series, I understand her appeal.

Waldman was born in Jerusalem on December 11, 1964.  She grew up in Montreal and New Jersey, but she now resides in Berkeley, California with Chabon and their four kids: Sophie, Zeke, Ida-Rose, and Abraham.

Like her Mommy-Track series protagonist, full-time mom and