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Ready Player One

By Ernest Cline
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Rated by Dylan R
Apr 11, 2018

Functioning as both a seminal look into pop culture's past as well as a fun, technological romp, Ready Player One is a fantastic tale centered around Wade Watts, a teenager and dedicated gamer in the year 2044. Having almost no family, few friends, and seemingly even fewer avenues open to him to escape his downtrodden existence, Wade has had a difficult life, to say the least. However, what Wade does have is access to the OASIS; a cyber-reality which will change his life forever.

An astonishing facet of Ready Player One is its prescience: Cline's great, sprawling work was published in 2011

Blade Runner 2049 (DVD)

By Denis Villeneuve
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Rated by Zachary C
Jan 3, 2018





So reads, in part, the opening text to the Blade Runner sequel 35 years in the making. Blade Runner 2049 follows a new generation of Blade Runner (Ryan Gosling), tasked with the same mission, "retiring" replicants. With a 2:44 running time and a meticulous pace, the film can feel slow to start. However, the plot is initiated from the very first scene, and

Search: How the Data Explosion Makes Us Smarter

By Stefan Weitz
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Rated by Jackie M.
Sep 28, 2017

As a director of Search at Microsoft, Stefan Weitz, in his book Search, focuses on the future of predictive search that cuts out the human action necessary to utilize current search options and applications. Now, one can search for services, but the user has to take action in order to obtain them. In the future, Weitz posits that the system will know the user well enough to cut out this middle step. Through the capable web, people will be able to “take action, not just find information” (pg. 8).

Weitz refers to search as a “hinge” between the abilities of humans and machines, bridging the two

Forest of Memory

By Mary Robinette Kowal
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Rated by Jackie M.
Apr 10, 2017

Have you ever questioned the reliability of your own memory? Do you wish you had a record of everything you encountered so you could refer to it later? What if having this capability meant that other people had access to information about you without your consent?

In Forest of Memory, Katya locates items of value and sells them to clients with information about the items’ origins. She looks at an object’s “wabi-sabi,” which is a Japanese term for beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.” The items she finds for clients are not in pristine condition; they have evidence of use


By M.T. Anderson
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Rated by Diane H.
Mar 10, 2016

Feed reminded me of the people in WALL-E who spent their lives sitting on mobile chairs, having all their needs taken care of. Of course, the people in Feed do walk around, and they’re on earth (mostly) not on a spaceship. Still, the inability, or at least the disinclination, to think for oneself, is the same.

The feed is a computer implant, which both brings in information and keeps track of all ones thoughts, moods, feelings. It’s like a combination of having Google in your head and that scene from Minority Report where the protagonist walks into a store and holograms keep popping up

Extant, The First Season

By Steven Spielberg
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Rated by Megan C.
Nov 23, 2015

It’s been a month since I watched the first season of Extant, but it’s still with me. It’s that quiet place I go to when I’m zoning out. The set design offers a vision of a gentler, more organic future, where technology is less obtrusively integrated into our daily lives than perhaps it is now. It’s the silent actor that sets a tone of calm, but there are tensions, to be sure.  The introduction of a life-like android prototype into the functions of everyday life invites antagonism from many fronts, including a militant anti-technology group.

Space exploration has been privatized, but are

The Word Exchange

By Alena Graedon

Rated by Library Staff (not verified)
Dec 13, 2014

What more could you ask for in a book about people who love words and communication and the preservation of that communication? When I started reading The Word Exchange I had no access to a dictionary and definitely needed one. I almost gave up right away but decided to pick my adult children's brains and see if I could continue.  Nope, they didn't know those words either, so I continued to read.  I was fascinated by how the book drew me in and made me want to learn the meaning behind the words, but I definitely felt lost a time or two. The book begins with the story of Ana and her father