The Darkest Part of the Forest

By Holly Black
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Mar 16, 2015

Hazel lives in an out-of-the-way town where faeries are real. The locals know enough lore to stay safe and be respectful, so for the most part the magical creatures leave them alone. Not so much with the tourists, who come because of the stories and to see the horned boy who has been sleeping, unchanged, in a glass coffin in the forest for generations and who sometimes end up dead. So everyone knows the fae are not to be messed with; sometimes it can't be avoided, though. Hazel and her family have had faerie contact in the past that has shaped them in ways they keep secret--sometimes secret

Pennyroyal Academy

By M.A. Larson

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Nov 8, 2014

Step into a world where princesses fight witches and knights battle dragons and prepare to become enchanted with the wonderful Pennyroyal Academy

M.A. Larson creates a truly imaginative world of cadets in training to become princesses and knights who will ultimately rid the world of evil. If you think princesses are just beautiful girls living in castles, then think again. The cadets have to battle each other in obstacle courses and training exercises, jump from towers onto the horsebacks of their heroes, and learn to find confidence and compassion within themselves when faced with evil

May 5, 2012

For those readers who enjoyed P.C. Cast’s House of Night series here’s another young adult paranormal series by C. C. Hunter which is set at the Shadow Falls Camp/school.  At Shadow Falls all kinds of paranormals, not just vampires, learn not only about themselves and their unique talents and abilities but also about how they can learn to live among the human population.  Shadow Falls also fosters understanding between the different paranormal species in an effort to foster good will and peace within the paranormal community. 

Kylie Galen finds herself at Shadow Falls without any clue as to

Spells by: Aprilynne Pike

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Jun 12, 2010

In this sequel to Wings, author Aprilynne Pike further leads you into the world of Avalon and the life of its fairies. At the beginning of the story, teenage fairy, Laurel, who was raised with human parents, receives a letter requesting her presence at the Academy of Avalon. Her experiences at the Academy and in Avalon with her fairy friend, Tam start to make her wonder if she belongs there instead of in the human realm with her parents and boyfriend, David. Add in the threat of trolls and some mysterious supernatural human hunters and you have a very enjoyable sequel full of conflict, romance

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

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Apr 6, 2010

Melissa MarrImagine if you’ve spent your whole life seeing, but pretending not to see, an entire race of creatures no one else knows about. Well, that’s the predicament that faces a high school girl being raised by her grandmother. Aislinn, like her mother and grandmother possesses “the sight”. The ability to see the fairy realm and all of its creatures that walk amongst the mortals of the world. In order to stay safe, Aislinn has been raised to obey 3 rules: 1) don’t ever attract their attention; 2) don’t speak to invisible fairies; 3) don’t stare at invisible fairies. Until recently, the rules have been