Mar 3, 2021

Hollis Brite is a lady in the kingdom of Coroa, and alongside other young ladies of the court, seeks the King of Coroa’s heart, vying for his attention. When King Jameson finally chooses Hollis to become his wife and Queen, Hollis is ecstatic. But when a boy from a foreign nation comes to Coroa, Hollis doesn’t know what her heart wants anymore.     

I think the most compelling aspect would have to be the glitz and glamour of the royalty in this book, because the royal court in this book was very well written, at least in my opinion. Kiera Cass did a good job of making it seem like you were

Feb 27, 2021

It is France, 1714, and a young French village girl named Addie kneels on the forest floor on the eve of her wedding and prays for freedom from an arranged marriage. She forgets, though, that it is after dark, and the gods that answer after dark never play fair. In a moment of desperation, she makes a bargain with the devil himself — freedom to wander, to explore, to dream, but with one catch: she will be forgotten by everyone she meets. However, three hundred years later, Addie’s life is turned upside down when she walks into a bookstore in New York City and the owner, a boy with a broken

Feb 26, 2021

Janella Angeles’s Where Dreams Descend follows ambitious showgirl Kallia as she fights to compete for a spot as the headlining magician of the Conquering Circus.

The competition takes place in Glorian, a city full of secrets. While competing, Kallia encounters Daron Demarco, the enigmatic young judge with a hidden past. Kallia, too, wishes to forget her past — but Jack, the owner of the club she left for the competition, won’t let her get away so easily.

The stakes rise as the competition continues, with mysterious disappearances and sabotaged acts, until it’s clear that someone — or

Feb 17, 2021

Happily Ever After​ is a companion novel to ​The Selection​ series by Kiera Cass. The first story, “The Queen​,” tells how King Clarkson and Queen Amberly fell in love. Their relationship is very toxic; his tests were controlling and not justifiable because he didn't want to marry someone vain. The second story included, ​“The Prince.”​ retells the beginning of the Selection from Maxon's perspective. This one didn't add much to the series, but it was interesting to know that Maxon thought of America as a challenge and wanted to pursue her from the moment they met. As for “The Guard​,” it was

Before by Anna Todd


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Feb 16, 2021

Before is the final book of Anna Todd’s After series. This book gives some insight into a few of the characters’ lives before After takes place and provides a retelling of the beginning and end of Tessa and Hardin’s relationship through Hardin’s point of view.

This book wasn’t as entertaining as the others in the series, and Todd’s writing seemed to have regressed into what it was in After, after her writing seemingly improved in the other books. Despite that, it was interesting to peek into Hardin’s mind while the events of After were taking place; getting to fully understand his

Caraval by Stephanie Garber


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Feb 11, 2021

Scarlett has dreamed of attending Caraval, a performance of sorts, for her whole life.  Unfortunately, her abusive father has not only forced her to remain on her home island but will soon require her to participate in an arranged marriage.  Shortly before said marriage, Scarlett receives a letter from Caraval Master Legend himself, inviting her to the upcoming Caraval.  With her sister, Tella, and Tella’s boyfriend, Scarlett runs away from home to attend the event.  However, as audience participation is quintessential, her sister is stolen upon their arrival.  Scarlett is left to determine

Feb 6, 2021

After Ever Happy​ is the final book in the ​After ​series written by Anna Todd. This book follows Tessa and Hardin as they adjust to living in different states to get space from one another and experience personal growth. This book had a different vibe than the rest of the series; it had more of a somber tone than the others, which I didn’t love. Second, in this book, Tessa and Hardin finally get themselves together, and their decisions become more logical. However, their rational decisions made this book less captivating than its predecessors because it was the illogical drama that made the

Feb 5, 2021

After We Fell​, the third installment of Anna Todd’s ​After​ series, might just be the best book in the series. Tessa and Hardin learn to live separately and travel to England for Hardin’s mom’s wedding. Throughout all of this, Hardin and Tessa actually seem to learn how to communicate for the most part, and a lot of drama arises surrounding both Hardin and Tessa’s parents. Along with all of this, secrets and lies continue to unfold as all of Hardin and Tessa’s friends’ intentions come into question. Despite all of the negativity revealed throughout the book, Hardin and Tessa’s relationship

Feb 4, 2021

After We Collided​ is the second book in Anna Todd’s ​After ​series. This book really isn’t anything different from its predecessor except that it’s slightly better. In this book, Tessa and Hardin changed a little bit; Tessa became slightly more annoying with her inability to use commonsense, and I was happy to see Hardin actually express some emotion for once.

Beyond that, this story continues to be extremely frustrating since most of Tessa and Hardin’s issues could be solved if they just had an actual conversation. Despite the ongoing problems with this series, Todd had me hooked the

Feb 3, 2021

Lovely War​ by Julie Berry is a romance and historical fiction novel that follows the lives of four individuals during World War I, told from the perspective of Aphrodite (goddess of passion and love). Hazel, James, Colette, and Aubrey’s paths cross by mere circumstance, and with Aphrodite’s help, beautiful relationships are formed. As time passes, the perils of war threaten to interfere with the romances and friendships. Will the power of love be enough to salvage the fates of these individuals, or will the war be the demise of their relationship?

Although I am typically not a huge fan of

Feb 1, 2021

Kiera Cass's fifth and final installment of ​The Selection​ series, ​The Crown​, wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst. I have a few problems with this book, the major one being the development of Eadlyn and Eikko's relationship, or lack thereof. Their relationship was predictable, but it had no growth; it seemed like they just kind of ended up together. Maxon's character change in this book also bothered me; the Maxon from the previous books would never have given the kingdom over to his barely of age daughter just so he wouldn't have to bear the stress of running a kingdom anymore.


Cover photo of the book After


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Jan 31, 2021

Anna Todd's ​After​, a contemporary young adult romance based on Harry Styles fanfiction, gives me mixed emotions. Tessa has been picture perfect her whole life, but when she goes to college and meets British bad boy Hardin, she starts to change her ways. First off, Tessa and Hardin's relationship is entirely toxic; during most of their interactions, they're drunk, lying, fighting, or using each other as a distraction. Second, if their relationship's toxicity wasn't enough, Tessa and Hardin's dialogue is super awkward about 75% of the time. Lastly, this book is full of atrocious writing; it

Jan 30, 2021

This young-adult novel is about a sixteen-year-old redhead, named America Singer, who was chosen to be a part of the Selection where she will compete to win the heart of the charming prince. Most girls would be ecstatic about such an opportunity, but not America. She already has her life planned out for herself, and she is fearful that this will ruin her chances of having a future with Aspen, her secret love.

This book is a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys drama, suspense, or sappy romance novels. Though this book ended up being pretty cheesy towards the end, I did find that it was one

Cover photo of the book Majesty


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Jan 29, 2021

Majesty is the second book of the American Royals series, where America is ruled by a monarchy, so warning: spoilers ahead. Now that her father is dead, Beatrice must learn how to rule her upset nation and manage her increasingly complicated love life. Meanwhile, Samantha and Nina need to get over their recent heartbreak, but for Daphne moving on is not an option. Like always, she’ll stop at nothing to get Jeff back. Majesty is full of drama, love, and emotion. 

Hope you didn’t grow too attached to the characters in the first book because McGee decides that nothing about them is worth

Jan 28, 2021

American Royals explores the idea of a monarchy in America. Beatrice, the perfect eldest daughter, is in line for the throne. Her parents are pressuring her to get married, but want her to pick from a small list of potential suitors. Samantha the next oldest. She and her twin Jeff love to party, but Sam endures the wrath of the press while her brother is adored. Nina is Samantha’s best friend and often feels overshadowed. She’s secretly in love with Jeff. And Daphne was Jeff’s girlfriend and she’ll do anything to get him back.

Honestly, this book didn’t do much for me. It’s an intriguing

Jan 27, 2021

Anna Bright’s The Boundless, the sequel to The Beholder, is an amazing finish to Selah’s adventure. Selah’s stepmother sends her across the seas to find a husband, and now she is not only worried about finding love, but also helping the resistance to defeat the tsarytysa. Her next stop is the Shvartsval'd, a kingdom inside the Imperiya, to meet Prince Fritz. After betrayal from Bear, falling for Torden, and mixed feelings towards Lang, Selah’s emotions have been strung out, but her main focus is avoiding attention from the evil tsarytysa and then making it home. Tensions are high between Selah

Jan 26, 2021

The Beholder by Anna Bright has the perfect hints of familiar fairy tales scattered throughout her book, but also has elements that make The Beholder an original adventure story about a girl named Selah. Selah is in line to be the Seneschal of Potomac, but her stepmother sends her away to find a husband without giving Selah much of an option, and her sick father doesn’t really have a choice either. On her adventure across the sea to her suitors’ countries, Selah wants to get this unpleasant and embarrassing experience done as quickly as possible, so she can make it back home to her father, but

Jan 22, 2021

Kiera Cass’s second installment of ​The Selection ​series, ​The Elite​, was good, but it wasn't as good as its predecessor. In this book, America struggles to decide between Maxon and Aspen as the Selection is narrowed down to six girls. Overall, this book was super frustrating. First of all, I don't understand Aspen's character's value at this point; he seems to have little to no impact, and the chemistry between him and America is basically nonexistent. Second off, America slowly became more and more irritating. Her rash actions and inability to have any understanding for Maxon made her

Cover photo of the book The One

The One

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Jan 22, 2021

In ​The One​, the third book of ​The Selection ​series and the final installment of the original trilogy, Kiera Cass has managed to write a book that I loved and also frustrates me to my core. While The Elite​ frustrated me because of things that seemed meaningless, this book frustrated me because there was almost too much happening. The ending felt like Cass was looking for an easy way to get rid of characters, and it seemed very choppy overall; however, I really enjoyed the epilogue.

Another thing that frustrated me was the main characters' actions. Maxon and America were so rash with

Jan 21, 2021

The Selection​ by Kiera Cass is a dystopian fantasy novel that follows America Singer as she is put into the Selection, a contest of 35 girls competing for the prince’s heart. I have been putting off reading this book for a long time because of its heavily mixed reviews, but I’m happy to say that I was not disappointed.

This is definitely a guilty pleasure book; it’s so lovable because it’s like reading a reality TV show mixed with royalty. I like the idea of society presented in this book; I found the castes to be very interesting and reflective of class in modern society.

As for the

Jan 16, 2021

Always and Forever, Lara Jean​, Jenny Han’s final novel in her ​To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy, provided the perfect ending to the series; however, it still lacked compared to the first book. In this book, Lara Jean and Peter deal with the prospect of college and all that comes with it, especially being in a long-distance relationship and having different schedules.

The thing that I enjoyed most about this book was its realistic representation of what happens to relationships once high school ends. Both Lara Jean and Peter doubt each other, they pretend they can visit each other

Jan 12, 2021

P.S. I Still Love You ​is the second book in Jenny Han’s ​To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series. Lara Jean and Peter are officially together, for real this time, but things get complicated when one of Lara Jean’s past loves shows up, and Peter can’t stay away from his ex-girlfriend, Genevieve. John Ambrose, Peter’s childhood best friend and one of Lara Jean’s past loves, finally got her letter. John and Lara Jean start to talk and begin to become close. At the same time, Peter seems to be spending more and more time with his ex, Genevieve. One night, after seeing Peter with Genevieve, Lara

Jan 11, 2021

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before​ is a contemporary YA romance written by Jenny Han. The story follows Lara Jean, a girl who hasn’t had much experience with romance but suddenly winds up in a fake relationship. Lara Jean wrote letters for every boy she had ever loved; they were meant just for her, but one day, they were mailed out. When her neighbor, Josh, with whom Lara Jean is still in love, gets his letter, she starts up a fake relationship with the most popular guy in school, Peter Kavinsky, to hide her feelings for Josh. This story follows Lara Jean and Peter’s fake relationship as it

Dec 17, 2020

Lovely War, written by Julie Berry, is a historical fiction romance novel narrated by the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, as a defense for her infidelity to her husband Hephaestus with Ares, god of war. She speaks of two couples whose stories intertwine with each other, both of whom met during the first World War, and recounts their tragic yet beautiful tale to explain why love and war are attracted to each other and to demonstrate how love requires vulnerability. As she does so, she masterfully weaves together a story of music, acceptance, prejudice, and sacrifice which draws to a close in

Nov 30, 2020

Lira has seventeen hearts in her bedroom. As a siren, she kills a human prince and takes his heart every year on her birthday. By doing so, she proves that she will be strong enough to take over her mother’s throne and become queen one day. However, after Lira disobeys her mother, she is punished by being transformed into a human — one of the creatures she hates the most. To win back her mother’s favor, Lira must claim the heart of Prince Elian, an infamous siren-killer and the heir to the most powerful kingdom in the land. Yet, as they set off on a quest to find an ancient artifact with the

Nov 25, 2020

The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss​ was a largely enjoyable read with only a few drawbacks. It was a very good romantic book. I was very invested in its main romantic plot. Unlike some other romance books I’ve read, this one felt believable. The relationship between Caleb and Evie was really interesting and I didn’t feel like many aspects of it felt forced. I genuinely enjoyed it. The supporting cast was small, so most of the important characters had more time to develop.

The plot was also very interesting, but I felt like it only delivered at face value. I found myself bored at

Nov 18, 2020

Where the Crawdads Sing ​by Delia Owens is a fiction novel about a girl named Kya Clark and the townspeople living in Barkley Cove, a small North Carolina coast town. The novel alternates between two different timelines: one following Kya throughout her childhood, and the other detailing the progression of a murder investigation in Barkley Cove. As a child, Kya is left to fend for herself living in her family’s shack located in a marsh on the outskirts of the coast town. She loves the marsh environment around her and finds comfort in nature. However, when she starts attracting the attention of

Nov 12, 2020

Emma Woodhouse is a coding genius who appreciates numbers more than most people; numbers were simple and easy while people were just messy and over-complex. When her sister sparks an idea, Emma decides to build on a code that would determine the person of best compatibility to date as a submission to a coding competition. While some were skeptical at first, who could believe a code could tell you the best person to date, Emma was certain that her code was flawless. But after Emma runs into a few complications, breakups, cruel bets, betrayal, and not to mention a weird warm feeling every time

Nov 3, 2020

Midnight Sun​ is​​ Stephanie Meyer’s newest addition to her #1 bestselling Twilight Saga. This novel retells ​Twilight ​from Edward’s perspective, providing a better explanation for Edward’s actions in ​Twilight and the following book, ​New Moon​. Edward’s character grew a lot throughout this novel as his thoughts provided explanation for his stalker-like actions and proved him to be flawed. ​Midnight Sun​ ​satisfies everything I wanted from Edward’s perspective, and while Midnight Sun​ ​and ​Twilight ​have been criticized for Edward and Bella’s seemingly instant romance, this new novel adds

Nov 3, 2020

I actually picked the book because of the cover. I really liked the colors of the cover and I liked that there were drawings of the main characters. The cover reflects the contents since it showed the main characters and Magic Castle Playland. The most compelling aspect of the book was just trying to keep up with Lou. She’s a mess. I was really frustrated with Lou’s scheming and total disregard for other peoples’ feelings at the beginning of the book. I finished this book in a day and was not expecting that I’d like it as much as I did.