Oct 6, 2021

In The Selection, thirty-five girls are chosen to compete for the hand of Prince Maxon. Not much else to it. Great concept in a way. Horrible dystopian landing. Author trolls their readers' Goodreads reviews. Book gets way too much credit. One of the worst writings I have ever read. That’s just the brink of it.

Enter America Singer, the worst and most typical YA protagonist in the history of main characters. She’s ‘not-like-other-girls,’ a phrase commonly used when someone tries to set themselves out to be quirky or extremely different from the rest unnaturally. She has red hair, which is

Oct 6, 2021

The Selection is a dystopian romance novel about a sixteen-year-old girl named America. She lives in Illea, a country divided by castes. In Illea, the Selection is a contest in which girls are selected from different castes compete for the love of the prince, Maxon. America is one of the 35 girls selected to compete. But the only thing she desires is to have a relationship with her secret boyfriend, Aspen. Will she win the love of the prince or go back to her old life and continue her relationship with her secret love?

I loved this book! I rate it a 5 out of 5. This book helped me get into

Oct 6, 2021

After witnessing the break-up of her parents, it’s hard for Evie Thomas to fall in love. Her belief is soon strengthened when she finds out she has an ability to see the beginning and the downfall of couples’ relationships. But after she meets X, a boy in her dance class, she wonders if love is worth the heartbreak. Does Evie beat the odds and form a strong relationship with X? Read more to find out!

Although this book seems like it’s about romance and love changing your perception, this book is about the struggles of Evie and how she grows and takes a betting chance on possibility. I

Oct 6, 2021

June’s daily life revolves around her best friend, Jess. But when June gets sent away to Virginia because of underage drinking, it seems to be the start of a series of bad events for her. While living with her grandmother, she goes through growth, discovery, and learning to be independent.

This story is written nicely. It shows how June changes for the better throughout the book.  The book shows us how June strengthens her relationship with her loved ones, while also learning to surround herself with good people.  I enjoyed how the characters were not perfect, but instead they were

Oct 6, 2021

Pride and Prejudice shows the relationship between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Mrs. Bennet plans on taking her five girls to meet Mr. Bingley, who is a rich and handsome man. While on their meet, Mr. Bingley fancies Jane, the oldest of the Bennet sisters. Mr. Bingley’s friend, Mr. Darcy, likes Elizabeth. Elizabeth is another of the Bennet sisters. But will they allow their pride and prejudice stop them from love and happiness?

Reading Pride and Prejudice reminds me of the book Jane Eyre. I think this book is good. I enjoy reading it because it reminds me of a “happily ever after” tale. Also, I

Oct 6, 2021

Madeline Moore is soon to take over her families’ bookshop, Books & Moore. She seemed to have it all planned out until a rival bookstore, Prologue, opens up on the street across them. Jasper, the owner’s son, who works at Prologue, is Madeline’s new competition. She is set on gaining back her customers and quite possibly a romance.

Since this story revolved around bookshops, I was excited to read it, but I didn’t expect that there would be much conflict in this story. Madeline has conflict with the people around her, and she acts pretty negatively.  There is a lot going on in the story, so

Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout


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Oct 6, 2021

Onyx, the second book in Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Lux series, was absolutely amazing. After being healed by Daemon, Katy becomes a Luxen mutant and must learn to manage her powers, but the Department of Defense is suspicious. As Katy and the others try to stay under the DoD’s radar, they will discover what the Department has been hiding. I really enjoyed Obsidian, but this novel far surpasses its predecessor. Katy and Daemon’s banter grew funnier, emotions were heightened, and the whole book was a rollercoaster.

Fallen by Lauren Kate


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Oct 6, 2021

Luce Price has always felt different. Shadows seem to haunt her every move. For years she’s felt completely alone in her own nightmare of darkness and now the shadows have emerged into a truly formidable force. After a tragic incident concerning Luce and the shadows takes place, Luce is sent to Sword and Cross, a reform school. Without her best friends and her family, Luce has never felt more isolated. Yet, a ray of light still remains. She meets two enigmatic boys, and feels an uncanny connection to one of them: Daniel Griggori. Unfortunately, he seems to go out of his way to avoid her

Oct 6, 2021

“You are wanted. Big, small, tall, short, pretty, plain, friendly, shy. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, not even yourself.”

Once famous for being “America’s Fattest Teen,” Libby Strout becomes the laughingstock of her high school. Struggling to get by, she unwantedly encounters Jack Masselin, getting them both tangled up in a mess of misunderstandings. However, when Jack uncovers to her that he has prosopagnosia, a condition in which he cannot recognize people’s faces, they are able to connect through embracing each other’s imperfections while also embracing their own.


Oct 6, 2021

In the young adult novel Holding Up the Universe, Libby Strout and Jack Masselin live two separate lives with the same goals: to be wanted in society. Libby, formerly known as “America’s Fattest Teen” who was cut out from her house after a massive panic attack, and Jack, a high school boy living with Prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize faces, even the people he loves, come together through a demoralizing prank. This reimagined “enemies to lovers” story of two unwanted teenagers is a great book for anyone who is feeling unwanted or unaccepted in society right now and needs a little

Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout


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Oct 6, 2021

Obsidian, the first book in Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Lux series, was shamefully addicting. This book fits the typical YA paranormal romance plotline, but I couldn’t put it down. Katy, a typical girl next door character, moves to the middle of nowhere in West Virginia, where her neighbors, Daemon and Dee Black, are aliens. Forming a relationship with the Blacks places Katy in the middle of a timeless rivalry between the Luxen and their evil alien counterparts, the Arum. Overall, Obsidian was ordinary, but the inclusion of aliens made it stick out at least a little bit from other popular series

Oct 6, 2021

Shadow Kiss is the third book in the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. This installment explores what it means to be shadow kissed and Rose's feelings for Dimitri. When Rose's mind is tainted by unexplainable darkness, and she begins to see ghosts, including Mason's, she must decide who she will confide in, risking her closest relationships while trying to move on. I absolutely loved Rose's continued character development; she took a giant step toward becoming more mature in this book. The ending was the most fantastic thing about this novel; it was shocking and heartbreaking.

Oct 6, 2021

Feelings are enigmatic yet vital to humans. Matt Wainwright narrates his erratic emotions in the book A Short History of the Girl Next Door by Jared Reck. Matt is a socially awkward athlete who is in love with his best friend. Juggling school, sports, his family and friends around, Matt overall seems like a normal teenager. Everything goes downhill when his best friend starts dating the most popular guy in school. After a bewildering incident, Matt’s emotions are at the peak.

The reader feels a diverse amount of emotions during this book, including happiness, heartbreak and nostalgia. The

Oct 6, 2021

In a world called Asalin, faes are in control of, and rule over witches. A 17-year-old transgender boy named Wyatt Croft is a witch destined to marry the prince of the fae kingdom, Emyr. No longer wanting to be oppressed by his family and the faes, he flees to the human world. When Prince Emyr wants Wyatt to continue the marriage and stop an uprising, Wyatt is hesitant. Wyatt soon becomes tangled in his feelings and desire to stop the revolution.  Will Wyatt fall for Emyr? Will they both stop the uprising? Read more to find out!

I think that it’s nice that there is more diversity and

Sep 27, 2021

Meet Oscar, a strong-willed senior in high school. He has high hopes to take over his families’ Swedish food truck business. While at school, he meets Mary Louise, a girl who is the total opposite of Oscar. They both plan a minimal food waste project that includes his food truck.  Despite all the chaos around them, a romance blooms between the two as they face each of their own struggles.

It was refreshing to see the main characters in this book act like true teenagers. They are quick-witted, learning, and unsure about the future. This story contains themes of grief, humor, and romance

Sep 21, 2021

Breath Like Water by Anna Jarzab is a Teen Fiction novel. It is a diverse and heart wrenching book with many ups and downs. Breath Like Water is about a Latino girl named Susanna who lives in Chicago with her friends and family. Susanna loves to swim, that’s her life, swimming and competing, that is until she meets a boy at a swim meet. They become friends and soon something more, until a series of events forces them apart. I love how the author tells the story and how Susanna learns to love something other than her Olympic dream. I recommend this book to people who believe in the impossible

Aug 14, 2021

Meet Karou. She is a 17-year-old art student living in Prague, loves going out for goulash with her friend Zuzana, and spends an excessive amount of time avoiding her nightmare of an ex-boyfriend. But there’s more — Karou was raised by demon-like chimaera, uses tiny beads to make wishes that really do come true, and runs errands with magic portals that take her over the entire world. However, when mysterious black handprints start appearing on doorways around the world and winged strangers make themselves known, Karou is swept up into a conflict much larger than anything she’s ever known. And

Aug 11, 2021

Juliette, a girl with a lethal touch, was locked up in an asylum for 264 days. She wants human contact but her lethal touch holds her back. Suddenly she gets a cellmate, Adam. She helps him adapt to life there, only to find out he is a soldier working for The Reestablishment. He isn’t completely loyal to The Reestablishment and against all odds is somehow immune to Juliette’s touch. Warner, the Chief Commander and Regent of Sector 45, intends to use Juliette as a weapon for The Reestablishment. The world is destroyed and The Reestablishment intends to reset humanity by erasing the language

Aug 2, 2021

It’s no secret that pirates are good-for-nothing swindlers, assassins, and thieves — and Alosa may be the worst of them all. Trained personally by her father, the pirate king, she has learned to be cutthroat and ruthless, and will do nearly anything to get what she wants. When Alosa is tasked with retrieving a part of a legendary treasure map that happens to be on the ship of a rival crew, she facilitates her own capture to access the map. However, she’ll have to best the unexpectedly clever and wily first mate, Riden, before she can complete her mission.

This book was a fun read and I

Jul 27, 2021

Simone Garcia-Hampton is positive for HIV. Simone’s mother died when she was young. After moving from her old school, Simone made new friends and decides to start over. Simone is a really smart kid as well as being the student-director of her school play, Rent. At her school, Simone meets her crush, Miles. She loves him and dreams about kissing him, etc. But how will he react once she tells him she has HIV, while someone is threatening her to stop talking to Miles?

I think this book is really good for those struggling with something. Whether mentally or physically, I like how Camryn Garret

Jul 23, 2021

Olive Torres is and has always been notoriously unlucky. From getting stuck in a claw machine to getting fired from her job to being struck by lightning, it seems like something bad always manages to happen to her. So, it should come as no surprise when Olive is forced to go on her sister’s honeymoon with Ethan Thomas, her longtime archnemesis and sworn enemy, when a nasty bout of food poisoning takes out nearly everyone at the wedding. But posing as a married couple is a small price to pay for ten days of paradise in Hawaii, and all Olive and Ethan have to do is survive each other. What could

The One Kiera Cass

The One

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Jul 9, 2021

Kiera Cass has written a thrilling, magical, suspenseful novel that will leave readers wondering what comes next. The One continues the story of the competition, and America discovers who her true love really is. At the same time, the rebels attack frequently, setting a charged atmosphere throughout the entire story. America fights her way to Maxon, and discovers that her rivals aren’t to be underestimated. She realizes that friendship is always the better choice, and it’s bittersweet when the official winner of the selection is announced.

The One is a fantastic book, full of varying

Jul 7, 2021

Vampire Diaries Season 1 is a fantasy, fiction TV series by Julie Plec. It follows the story of Elena Gilbert who lives in a small town called Mystic Falls. Elena’s life is normal and happy until a tragic day when her parents die. Then a pair of vampire brothers move to town named Stephan and Damon Salvatore. In the midst of love, violence, and friendship also lies vampires and witches. With her romance with Stephan and the violence from Damon, will Elena be able to keep everyone safe?

This is my all-time favorite TV show. For anyone who loves fantasy and romance this is a perfect show that

Jul 4, 2021

Red Queen is a Fiction, Fantasy novel by Victoria Aveyard. This book tells the story of a 17-year-old girl, Mare Barrow, in an Alternate reality. In this world, the color of your blood determines whether or not you have superpowers. People with red blood are powerless, and people with silver blood have superpowers. Mare has red blood and lives in a poor town called the Stilts, but when she finds herself working in a silver palace, she discovers that she has a power of her own. Now that she and the royal family know her secret, she has to go undercover as a silver princess to hide her secret

Jul 2, 2021

Love and Gelato is about a young girl named Lina, who just lost her mom. Before her mom passed, she urged Lina to live with an old friend of hers in Florence, Italy. Lina was obviously hesitant about it, but she decided to go anyway. She discovers more about her mom's past than she ever thought possible. Her mom was gone, but it felt like she was right there with her. Plus, Lina meets the cute and sweet Lorenzo and they become fast friends, maybe even more.

 This book is like a slice of summer, even on the coldest of days. I give it 5 stars. The main characters are relatable, comedic

Jun 16, 2021

Prince George has tried his entire life to be like his father, but in his magic, he will always be like his mother. Animal magic, the ability to understand and talk to animals, has never been officially outlawed by his father, but those with animal magic are rarely left to live in peace, and before her death, George’s mother made it clear that his magic was best left a secret—even from his father. When the king of a rival kingdom offers his daughter, Princess Beatrice, in marriage, George can’t refuse. Princess Beatrice is unlike any woman George has ever met. She is inseparable from her odd

Jun 9, 2021

Lauren Morrill’s Meant to Be is a contemporary young adult romance. In this book, Julia, a stereotypical nerd, lives out her dream of going to London when her class takes a school trip. Instead of following her carefully planned itinerary, Julia is forced to pair up with Jason, whose main goal in life is to have fun and break all of the rules while doing so.

This story is super cute. Julia and Jason’s dysfunctional dynamic makes the whole book. The only negative thing that I have to say is I didn’t love Julia because of her superiority complex, but her self-righteousness makes her seem real

Jun 3, 2021

You-Know-Who is back. Harry did not think he would return, but he did. Harry has to go back to Hogwarts, thankfully, and has protection from his professors. Until he doesn’t. A new professor has joined the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, where Harry learns all about new spells and new techniques to defend himself from Voldemort. But, this professor is not a good one. She teaches in the “safety” of her classroom. The pink might look like she is friendly, but trust me, she is not. Harry goes through a lot in this book, and if you want to find out what happens to Harry and Voldemort, read Ha

Solo by Kwame Alexander


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May 27, 2021

Blade Morrison’s life seems perfect. He’s a skilled guitarist with a famous musician for a father, and he has plenty of money and girls to choose from. But despite this, Blade feels lost. The one girl he truly cares for can’t be seen with him. His father’s face covers the tabloids. And ever since his mother passed away, he doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of his family. Solo explores Blade’s search for identity through poetry, following his quest for love and belonging.

Solo illustrates a multilayered story in an incredibly bold, creative format. The book is told through the poetic

May 24, 2021

Red, White and Royal Blue is a sweet, funny, and lighthearted romance between Alex, the First Son, and Henry, the Prince of Wales. As a result of their rivalry being photographed, a staged friendship follows which then leads to a secret between the two. When their secret relationship gets exposed, the Heads of Family and other handlers must find a way to fix the campaign. Will the damage be fixed? Will Alex and Henry’s love fix it?

I enjoyed this cute and light read and definitely enjoyed the slight enemies to lovers. I think it was a fluffy book with moments of funny, serious, touching