Back of a princess as she moves through the castle garden

Cover of the Entwined

Wallwork, Heather Dixon
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Sep 6, 2022

Entwined is a fairy-tale inspired fiction of the story The Twelve Dancing Princesses. It's a suspenseful retelling. If I'm honest, the folktale that inspired this fantasy fiction was never been one of my favorites. This author manages to take a rather thin story and turn it into something interesting with a hero that is a strong woman of steel! This atmospheric version is my favorite retelling.


As an added bonus, the romantic tone does not bore you to death describing scenery. The castle is as luscious as the cover art, but unlike other versions, it is not the main character. This was not my first quest to read a retelling of this dance. I couldn't care for versions that ignored the losses that the princesses went through. They become light and sometimes even ignore the magic while nothing happens for much of the book. Not so this one that focuses around the missing mother! It is a bit darker than other princess books I have read and that was exactly what I was seeking. It pays homage to the original while making a charming, engaging story that also incorporates a wee bit of darkness for the ruler and his daughters.

Reviewed by Anne G
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