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Teen Review
The Drowning Summer by Christine Lynn Herman

The Drowning Summer

By Christine Lynn Herman
Rated by
Aleeza M.
Jun 25, 2022

The main characters of The Drowning Summer are Mina and Evelyn. Mina’s family can speak to spirits and they later find out that Evelyn can too. Mina wants to break her curse so that she can learn to do magic herself. She can’t do this yet, because she has to make a deal with the spirit that is cursing her. So, Mina and Evelyn banish the spirit altogether so that Mina can start practicing her magic. Then, they both go back to living their normal lives and Mina gets to do magic.

Teen Review
Frostbite by Richelle Mead


By Richelle Mead
Rated by
Taylor E.
Sep 3, 2021

Frostbite, the second novel in Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series, was even better than the first book. After a mysterious strigoi attack threatens the protections surrounding St. Vladimir's Academy, the student body takes a trip to a ski lodge. On the trip, controversy arises among the moroi, and Rose is held hostage by a group of strigoi.

Teen Review Jul 7, 2021

Vampire Diaries Season 1 is a fantasy, fiction TV series by Julie Plec. It follows the story of Elena Gilbert who lives in a small town called Mystic Falls. Elena’s life is normal and happy until a tragic day when her parents die. Then a pair of vampire brothers move to town named Stephan and Damon Salvatore. In the midst of love, violence, and friendship also lies vampires and witches. With her romance with Stephan and the violence from Damon, will Elena be able to keep everyone safe?

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