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Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

Love and Other Words

By Christina Lauren
Rated by
Mariam S.
Sep 12, 2022

Love and Other Words is a sweet romance following Macy after running into the former
and sort-of current love of her life, Elliott, on her commute from her pediatrics job. It’s the first
time they’ve seen each other in the past eleven years. Something devastating broke them apart,
but it seems like fate has brought them back together. Except that Macy’s happily engaged to
someone else - and she still blames Elliott for what happened so long ago. They met when they

Teen Review
Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Book Lovers

By Emily Henry
Rated by
Sep 8, 2022

Banter that makes you giggle while swinging your feet back and forth. Witty comebacks
and relatable characters. Book Lovers is most likely one of the best contemporary romances I’ve
read this year.

Teen Review
The Poetry of Secrets by Cambria Gordon

The Poetry of Secrets

By Cambria Gordon
Rated by
Sep 6, 2022

Introduced as a historical fiction romance, The Poetry of Secrets by Cambria Gordon
becomes much more than just a love story: it is the story of identity, family, loyalty, feminism,
religion, and internal conflict, all during the Spanish Inquisition in Spain in 1481. This novel follows
Isabel Perez, a converso, or a Jew forced to convert to Catholicism. But like many conversos in Spain
during that time, her family, although attending church every Sunday, still practices Judaism in the

Staff Review
Back of a princess as she moves through the castle garden


By Wallwork, Heather Dixon
Rated by Anne G
Sep 6, 2022

Entwined is a fairy-tale inspired fiction of the story The Twelve Dancing Princesses. It's a suspenseful retelling. If I'm honest, the folktale that inspired this fantasy fiction was never been one of my favorites. This author manages to take a rather thin story and turn it into something interesting with a hero that is a strong woman of steel! This atmospheric version is my favorite retelling.


Teen Review
The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary

The Flatshare

By Beth O'Leary
Rated by
Mariam S.
Aug 29, 2022

The Flatshare is a often funny and always cute romance about broke and
fresh-out-of-a-breakup Tiffy and her new roommate, night-shift nurse and total sweetheart Leon.
They work out an arrangement that satisfies their budgeting needs as well as Leon’s jealous
girlfriend: Tiffy gets the room the nights and weekends, and Leon gets the day. And to ensure
that they never meet, Leon’s girlfriend forbids him from ever seeing Tiffy. But they have to

Teen Review
I Kissed Shara Wheeler is Casey McQuiston

I Kissed Shara Wheeler

By Casey McQuiston
Rated by
Kayla F.
Aug 26, 2022

After California-raised Chole is moved to small town Alabama, she meets her academic rival
Shara Wheeler, who changes her life. I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston
demonstrates a full cast of dynamic and relatable characters. As the mystery of Shara unfolds,
so does the mystery that surrounds many of the other characters. The cast goes through
important self discoveries that make them relatable and important to readers. It demonstrates

Teen Review
All That's Left in the World by Erik. J. Brown

All That's Left in the World

By Erik. J. Brown
Rated by
Tyler H.
Aug 19, 2022

Andrew and Jamie are two boys that meet at the end of the world. A pathogen has
swept through the earth destroying everything the boys had ever loved. Family,
homes, and much more has been taken from them. But one day they meet after
Andrew comes stumbling into Jamie’s cabin, foot fresh snapped in a bear trap.
From then on, they go on a journey to escape, and to meet a relative of someone
who once helped them. But along the way things start to develop between the two.

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