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Teen Review
The Girl in the White Van by April Henry

The Girl in the White Van

By April Henry
Rated by
Shreya A.
Nov 19, 2021

The Girl in the White Van is a suspenseful and thrilling mystery novel by April Henry. This book is about a girl who gets kidnapped by an old man who also kidnapped another girl 8 months before. The two kidnapped girls (Savannah and Jenny) hatch a plan to escape their kidnapper, they almost get killed and nearly escape. I love the way the author brings suspense and tells the story from the views of all characters instead of just one, and the way the suspense kills you right from the start.

Teen Review
The Cellar by Natasha Preston

The Cellar

By Natasha Preston
Rated by
Emma D.
Sep 9, 2021

The Cellar, by Natasha Preston, is a fiction thriller novel. It is about a young girl named Summer who gets kidnapped and taken to a cellar. With several other girls she is forced into a pretend life. While in the cellar she has to cook, clean, look good, and entertain Colin. The novel shows her, her family, and friends’ perspectives throughout Summer’s time inside the cellar. Will she ever be able to escape the cellar?

Staff Review

Three Hands for Scorpio

By Andre Norton
Rated by Anne G
Feb 21, 2020

     Three Hands for Scorpio is the last adult book for young adults of Lifetime Grand Master of Fantasy, Andre Norton, who passed away on March 17, 2005 after a long and extremely fruitful career.  Her magically detailed world-building skills, upright, against-all-odds characters, and fast pace will be sorely missed.  Tor rushed a copy of this book of women-of-steel into print, so that the 93-year-old author could see it before she died.  It is the last manuscript she penned alone, and has an action-packed storyline.  

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