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Best Of elementia

We are proud to have just released our 15th issue of elementia, the library's teen literary magazine!

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Check Your Inbox

Selection notifications went out the week before Spring break. So check your inboxes!

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Meet the Teacher: Scott Guldin

I always feel so privileged to read students' work. It inspires me. 

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Meet the Teacher: Jeff Dierking

I think that reading the thoughtful, skillful, and insanely creative output of students like mine has really inspired me to help my students see themselves as capable of that sort of brilliance.

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Meet the Teacher: Deirdre Zongker

"Working with Lynda Barry changed everyone’s lives, but most of all mine. I was inspired to read her works and incorporate her ideas to inspire creativity into all of my classes."

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Looking for an Editor?

Think your piece is ready to submit to elementia but you want to make sure you have all your commas in the right place, and the line breaks make sense?

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elementia is a literary arts magazine published to represent and uplift young adults. We accept original poetry, fiction, nonfiction, graphic stories, photography and illustrations. 

Standing up for what you believe in is a big part of growing up and learning how to break out of your shell.  Whether it’s something as little as changing the way you dress or as big as taking charge of your own future, we are wondering what makes you bold—how do you defy the status quo?
But action doesn't stop at the self. How do you free others? How do you disrupt the systems of the world? Share your ideas of defiance and change. Use experience from social reformers of the past, current events, or your own brushes with breaking from society’s norms.  We want to know—how do you break free? 

Submit your original poetry, short stories, essays, comics, or artwork through February 1, 2019.

Young Adult Submission Committee
​Do you want to be a part of a young adult group selecting what goes in elementia? If you are in grades 9-12 and are interested in writing or graphic design, we encourage you to join our group. Applications are available online. Have questions about the committee? Email elementia.

If you are a teacher of creative writing or visual arts, please reach out to elementia staff, to find out how we can help you in your classroom!

elementia is generously supported through the Joan Berkley Writers Fund of the Johnson County Library Foundation, as well as grants from the RA Long Foudation, CPS Foundation and the Helen S. Boylan Foundation. Free copies of the magazine are available at all Johnson County Library locations.