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Time Will Tell by Barry Lyga

Time Will Tell

By Barry Lyga
Rated by
Marium K.
Nov 5, 2021

4 teens, Liam, Jorja, Marcie, and Elayah, find a time capsule that was buried by their parents. They were expecting cool items from the 80’s, but instead they find a bloody knife and a confession to a murder. They are left to solve the murder on their own after no one believes them.

Staff Review Aug 27, 2021

This teen comedy TV series was years ahead of its time and unappreciated when it aired in 1982-83, cancelled before the full first season could be finished. It’s a shame because it’s so smart and funny and different from anything else on TV at the time. It probably would have done better 15 or 20 years later, but it’s so endearingly ‘80s, I can’t imagine it at any other time and being so charming. 

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