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Teen Review
Timekeeper by Tara Sim


By Tara Sim
Rated by
Oct 21, 2021

For centuries, time has been controlled by clock towers, but when a tower is broken, time upsets. When a tower is destroyed, time Stops. Clock mechanics are tasked with fixing broken towers, but Stopped cities are unable to be rescued. In Victorian England, Danny Hart, a 17-year-old prodigy mechanic with a traumatic past, fixes clock towers that are victims of mysterious bombings across England while trying to find a way to save his father from a Stopped town. But in the process, he meets someone that most people believe doesn’t even exist: a clock spirit, whose name is Colton.

Teen Review
Switch by A.S. King


By A.S. King
Rated by
Marium K.
Oct 6, 2021

Meet Tru Beck, a girl that lives in a parallel universe where time has stopped.  After time had stopped, her father discovers a new switch in their house; and he decides to build many, many boxes around this switch. In Tru’s school, there is a new class where students have to figure out how to solve the frozen time problem. Tru has no interest in this, but she does think it’s interesting how she threw a javelin farther than anyone has in history. Tru and family are trying to stick together amid the time stopping situation.

Staff Review

The Secret Hour

By Scott Westerfeld
Rated by Anne G
Feb 21, 2020

     The Secret Hour has a very imaginative paranormal premise, and it was enjoyable to read; I finished this book for reluctant readers in two sittings.  I love the idea of a hidden hour after midnight where only a select few can visit, and the continuing threads of mystery and “what’s going on?” kept me reading this urban fantasy.  The characters are not all best buddies, but are unique individuals with their own motivations which are shown in the fast pace.

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