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  • Bullet Journaling Meetup

    Journal on tabletop with pens

    Does opening a fresh pack of multi-colored sharpies make your heart go aflutter? Do post-it note arrows inside a book put a smile on your face? Do you write tasks that "just come up" on your to-do list just to feel the satisfaction of crossing them off? Do you love to write, take notes, doodle, or schedule your time? If you love all-things organization, join fellow teens at our bullet journaling meetup.

    First Fridays
    Sept. 7, Oct 5
    4 - 5:30 p.m.
    Lackman Library

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Teen Review
Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan
Lois Duncan
Reviewer's Rating: 
Friday, Aug 17, 2018

Mr. Griffin was a horrible teacher. His students only meant it as a prank. They just wanted to scare him a little bit, make him sorry. They never meant to kill him. But now he’s dead, and even the best laid plans can go wrong sometimes.

It took me a few chapters to really get into the story, but once I did, I was hooked. This is an eye opening story of how peer pressure can escalate out of control. It was just fantastic and incredibly well-written. I have never read such a deep and thoughtful thriller/mystery.

This is a great little suspense book for even the reluctant reader...

Teen Review
Sarah Crossman
Reviewer's Rating: 
Wednesday, Aug 15, 2018

Joe hasn't seen his brother Ed in ten years, not since he was locked up for murder. But now he's on death row, and his execution date has been set. Joe is determined to spend the last weeks with his brother, no matter if Ed committed the crime. But did he? And in the end, does it really matter? What can't be forgiven?

This book is at times both beautiful and heartbreaking. It forces you to think about and question the justice system, which is rife with injustice. The plot really worked with the verse form, although the shift between past and present events was sometimes confusing,...

Teen Review
Tamsyn Murray
Reviewer's Rating: 
Monday, Aug 13, 2018

Jonny has been waiting for years to receive a heart. But when finally a donor is a found, but for Jonny's life to start, someone's has to end. That someone is Neve's brother Leo. While he was alive, Neve wanted nothing more than to be rid of him, but after his tragic crash, she has no idea how to move on. But then Jonny walks into her life looking for answers, with her brother's heart in his chest, everything starts to change.

This book was very well written, but the romance was terrible. It was cringe-worthy, just so predictable and annoying. The thing is, I enjoyed the concept but...

Teen Review
Friday, Aug 10, 2018

Life is hard enough being a teenager. But when you and your family are secretly illegal immigrants from Iran, things can get even more complicated. Sara's parents fled Iran when she was only two years old, and she didn't learn her undocumented status until her sister tried to apply for an after-school job, but couldn't because she didn't have a social security number. This memoir follows her teenage experiences with her family and at school as well as her progress toward getting her green card. This story follows her constant fear of being deported as well as her wishes of getting a green...

Teen Review
Wednesday, Aug 8, 2018

Everyone knows about the Black Plague in Europe during the Middle Ages. But not everyone knows about the 1918 influenza pandemic. It was the worst virus that ever struck mankind. Not even the Black Death comes close to the number of lives it took. No war, natural disaster, or famine has ever claimed so many people. From 1918 to 1919, one third of the global population (500 million) became infected, with an estimated 100 million deaths. This book chronicles the cause and impact of this deadly virus throughout history.

This book was so interesting! I had never known about this history...

Teen Review
Laurie Anderson
Reviewer's Rating: 
Thursday, Aug 2, 2018

Everyone knows Melinda is the freshman who called the cops on that summer party. She got some people arrested that night for underage drinking. But no one knows the real reason she called 911. That night, she was raped by an upperclassman, but hasn’t been able to tell anyone for fear that they won’t believe her. And now that she is a freshman in high school, she has been relentlessly bullied and suffered in her classes. The only class she enjoys is art class, where she can learn to express herself with a semester project. And as she learns to confront her attacker and start sharing her...

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