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Latest Content

Staff Review
Book Cover
Arwen Elys Dayton
Reviewer's Rating: 
Monday, Nov 18, 2019

This is top-notch science fiction--it takes today's scientific advancements and speculates how they might play out in the future, considering legal, ethical, and practical ramifications along the way. The book does this over the course of six lightly connected stories, each progressively further in the future. The topic is gene editing and body modification.

Teen Review
The Grief Keeper cover
Villasante, Alexandra
Reviewer's Rating: 
Thursday, Oct 17, 2019

The Grief Keeper tells the story of a young girl named Marisol who is trying to immigrate with her younger sister to America after the murder of their brother. She is caught crossing the border and told she must participate in an experimental study, or be sent back home to El Salvador. As part of the study, Marisol becomes a grief keeper, taking upon the grief of Rey, a young woman struggling with mental illness, to ensure she can stay in the country.

The most compelling aspect of the book, in my opinion, was Marisol coming to terms with her sexuality. Throughout the book, Marisol...

Teen Review
Wild and Crooked cover
Thomas, Leah
Reviewer's Rating: 
Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019

The book switches between perspectives of two different, yet alike, characters forcing you to look at the situation from multiple perspectives. It is a book dedicated to those who are often pushed to the side in today’s world, and shows that we are all more alike than one might think, and that you should not judge others based on only what you’ve heard.

The most compelling aspect of the book to me was the underlying mystery mixed with the two teens who were drawn to each other. As they were learning about one another, one was very truthful, while the other claimed to be deceitful- ...

Teen Review
Delilah Dirk and the Pillars of Hercules cover
Thursday, Oct 10, 2019

Delilah Dirk is about this adventurer who has to find clues to uncover a hidden city. She goes with her assistant, Selim, and a writer of the "Weekly Observer", who is up to something more mischievous. On the way she encounters many problems- for example she has to fight a ruler of a city to get a clue! The most compelling part of the book is when we (the reader) find out Van Hassel's real plan with the city. The sudden twist made the book very hard to put down.

This book has everything: mystery, adventure, a twist, some background information, and a little mythology. I can't think...

Teen Review
Frankly in Love Cover
Yoon, David
Reviewer's Rating: 
Monday, Oct 7, 2019

Frank Li lives with his Korean-immigrant parents in California, growing up with American culture and feeling like his parents don't understand. As he starts to fall for Brit Means, a white girl his parents would never approve of him dating, Frank pretends to date Joy Song, a family friend who is in the same situation. But everything Frank knows about his life is much more complicated than it seems, especially high school dating. 

I think the most compelling aspect of the book is that it's not just filled with love and romance, but navigating that romance for the first time. In most...

Teen Review
The Last True Poets of the Sea cover
Julia Drake
Reviewer's Rating: 
Tuesday, Oct 1, 2019

I think that the cover is beautiful. I like that the illustrations of the plants and things in the background give the cover the feel of the ocean since the book is called Last True Poets of the Sea. The most compelling aspect of this book was that the main character was hunting for a lost shipwreck that one of her ancestors survived. I thought that the plot of the story was really interesting. The only thing I was disappointed with in this book is that it seemed to take a while to get the story going, the beginning was a little slow. Nothing really happened during the first half but the...

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