The Two Lives of Lydia Bird

Josie Silver
May 18, 2020

For Lydia Bird, love can overcome anything, even death.  

When Lydia's fiance, Freddie Hunter, is tragically killed in a car accident she cannot imagine life moving on without him. Unable to sleep, her mum finds a doctor who is conducting trials on a new sleeping pill. This magical pink pill allows Lydia to fall asleep and jump back into her old life with Freddie. Her dream life with Freddie is continuing on without her.  

New things are happening to the couple and the people around them. Trying to juggle these two worlds is overwhelming and difficult at first. However, Lydia cannot resist the pull of that pink pill and Freddie. But how does Lydia continue living in the real world where Freddie does not exist?  

The fantastical dreams Lydia has are a representation of how much love can overcome when it’s meant to be.  Josie Silver tells human stories and is a master of revamped chick lit. Her voice is familiar and conversational. Even when the story is sad, Silver provides comedy, lightness and reflection. Likable well-drawn characters and English charm shine through. I fall into her books and feel all cozy.  

Reviewed by Library Staff