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Ask Again Yes book cover, view of a neighborhood and trees from high above

Ask Again, Yes

Mary Beth Keane
Rated by
Megan K.
Wednesday, Sep 25, 2019

Attempting to understand the human experience, and dealing with the aftermath of tragedy is something to which all people can relate. Mary Beth Keane’s novel Ask Again, Yes explores this phenomenon through the Gleeson and Stanhope families- neighbors in a suburb of New York City. The reader is introduced to the parents of both families at the beginning of the novel, and walks through life with their youngest children, Kate Gleeson and Peter Stanhope.

Monday, May 28, 2018

In the event that you are heartbroken, the typical first move is to buy pints of ice cream, lock yourself in a room, and binge-watch romantic comedies.

Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017

Here’s a familiar situation that we’ve all been in - you see someone you know that has recently lost a loved one, or is going through a serious illness, or recently got divorced and that little voice in your head says “do I say something or not . . . I don’t know them that well . . . what do I say that won’t make matters worse . . . . " Well, here’s a practical and humorous guide encouraging us to go ahead, reach out and fumble; it’s better than not reaching out at all!

Light diagram lines over lavender and blue background.Title in middle, Woman in green dress on back facing and reaching upwards toward man in red shirt and jeans reaching down


Connie Willis
Rated by
Diane H.
Saturday, Nov 26, 2016

Crosstalk is categorized as science fiction and yet, if it wasn’t for the telepathy, I could easily see the events in the book becoming reality in the near future.

Thin Ice

Irene Hannon
Rated by
Lisa J.
Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016

Christy Reed has had a difficult year. First she lost both of her parents in a car wreck, then just a few months later her sister Ginny dies in a house fire. Just as Christy is starting to pull herself out of her grieving and begins to accept that she is alone in the world, an envelope arrives in the mail. The envelope is addressed in Ginny’s handwriting and is postmarked just a few days ago. What is going on, and where is Ginny?

The Widow

Fiona Barton
Rated by
Lisa J.
Saturday, Feb 6, 2016

When little Bella went missing four years ago, seemingly disappearing into thin air from her front yard, all of England was on the lookout for the precious two year old. As The Widow opens, we meet Jean Taylor, whose husband, Glen, has just been killed in a freak accident. Now that Glen is dead and she is newsworthy again, Jean has been hiding in her house from the reporters who have started camping out on her front walk.

Sunday, Jan 10, 2016

There are some downsides to HBO’s Enlightened. It is painfully sincere. It riffs on commercialized, New Age-y self-help. It satirizes corporate America in a way that makes you wonder if it is really satire after all. But I find myself recommending the show anyway.

The Returned (DVD)

Fabrice Gobert
Rated by
Heather B.
Monday, Jul 13, 2015

One day, fifteen year old teenager Camille walks back up the winding mountain road and into her house, shocking her family. What seems like it should be a completely mundane act most patently is not; Camille died in a bus accident four years earlier. Camille has no memory of that event and no apparent understanding that she has died. As far as she knows, it's the day of the bus accident. But her family, while still grieving, has moved on. Her parents have split up, and most strikingly, her twin sister Léna is now several years older than Camille.

Wednesday, Nov 7, 2012

Anna lives in a blue-colored world, filled with roses and birds and flute music. But once she finds a tattered doll abandoned in her high school, Anna is pulled into the harsh and gritty life of Abel Tannatek, the school’s peddler of drugs—and more. Abel spins stories and tales for his little sister, who is on the verge of being yanked from her home with Abel and put into foster care. First by eavesdropping and later by invitation, Anna listens to the stories. Tiny qu

Tigerlily's Orchids by Ruth Rendell

Ruth Rendell
Rated by
Susan B.
Monday, Aug 15, 2011

Why is Duncan so warm in his flat during the coldest of winters in London? An efficient heating system and good insulation, he tells his neighbors. But why is Duncan so warm in April with the heating system turned off and the windows open? And who is this good-looking new guy, who admires his reflection in every shop window he passes? He has fallen in love at first sight with the woman that Duncan has inventively named Tigerlily, who lives next door.