scary story contest

Nov 10, 2021

“Ava, wake up! It’s Halloween, remember?” Henry announced. Not announced, more like shrieked into her ear. Ava rubbed her eyes and sat up as her eight year old brother bounced on to her bed.

Halloween. Of course it was Halloween. How could she have forgotten? Henry didn’t understand how horrible Halloween was, how just the word made Ava’s insides squirm and shiver. Halloween.

“Go away,” Ava grumbled. She slid back under the covers, trying not to be annoyed by how happy Henry was. It had been—how many?—two years since she had first seen It. She just called the thing—him—It.

There was

Nov 10, 2021



...that was when the tunnel emerged from the darkness ahead, and Isaac found that all of his thoughts had incinerated abruptly. It was a highway underpass, through which the ditch water could run to the far side, and a water line had been eroded and stained onto the concrete where the turgid water would lick in the spring and early summer months. Above everything could be heard the roar of cars passing on the highway overhead, and it seemed like the sounds were coming through a cave, the way they echoed and bounced up and along the walls of the underpass. The eerie noises hit the

Nov 10, 2021

Around them the mist continued to drift, seeping into their veins, sapping their spirits. The younger of the two brothers poked his head from out of his sleeping bag which lay on the cold, merciless dirt in the clearing of the cold, merciless forest which was infused with the cold, merciless mist that had awoken his body with chills throughout.



“Stuart,” he shouted with a whisper. The sack to which he called did not stir. He called again, desperate to be reminded that there was another life in the frigidness of the air. And he was, for the sack responded with a drowsy, “what?”.

Nov 10, 2021

The Ghosts at Tanuki Mansion

(in Verse)



I’m not sure if I believe the rumor that Tanuki Mansion is haunted.

I’ve been there multiple times on school field trips, and only minor ‘scary’ things have happened.


My brother Tino believes it.

I think it’s because his best friend,

Mason, comes up with these crazy stories about ghosts haunting the upper floors.

Now, when the third graders go to Tanuki Mansion on a field trip, Tino stays home and pretends to be sick.


This Thursday is when the sixth graders go. Mr. Oar says to dress ‘festively,’


Nov 10, 2021

One day, three girls, Beth, Sky, and Vanessa, were taking a walk. Then they saw the woods. Everybody that went in, never came out. Beth, Sky, and Vanessa were not scared. They wanted to explore every corner of the woods, so they went in. A few minutes later, it began to get dark, so they decided to go back, but they were lost! They didn’t have a map, so it seemed like they were stuck in the woods. Suddenly, they heard a rustling sound. They looked in a bush and saw a dark, shadowy figure with glowing, red eyes. They backed away, as the figure opened its mouth revealing two rows of very sharp

Nov 10, 2021

I stared at the forest of dark pine trees looming over me, laughing at me, each becoming a vision of the one I used to welcome into my house, my arms, my heart, until he stood over my parents with a bloody knife in his hand and the look of a crazed, cornered, monstrous animal in his eye, his beautiful kaleidoscopic eye, the eye I could sink into and be lost inside. Those pools of colors and sadness and intelligence and sometimes tinges of humor, but now, only hate and pleading for help. And his gentle hands, now flecked with red drops that fell to the floor as though the blood was crying

Nov 10, 2021

“Mama, tell me a story.”


The girl loves stories, gobbles them down like sugar. The words fill her up, twisty and sharp and smooth, and come to life behind her eyes.


She requests a story most every night, as the waves rock her to sleep. Mama lights a candle and sits by her bed in the hard wooden chair and tells her a story, finishing right when the candle winks out with a wisp of smoke. By that time the girl will be nearly asleep, so Mama will kiss her brow and softly pad back to the crew’s quarters.


She has a faint memory from long ago, when the rocking was of her

Nov 10, 2021

Oliver’s antique shop was not exceptional in any way. It did not have much inventory, what it sold did not hold much significance, it was not even the most popular antique shop on the street. This meant nothing to Oliver. When he opened the front door to the shop in the morning, he was at the crossroads to a thousand worlds.

The old china teacup resting on an equally ancient coffee table could have been the crown jewel of a man's kitchen. Perhaps he had saved up for ages to buy the teacup, and when he finally did buy it, he made sure that all his guests from there on out took special notice

Nov 10, 2021

Omnes una manet nox. That’s what it said on the invitation. Cole didn’t know much Latin, but he knew that said one, night or dark, and omnes. Many? Whatever it meant, Cole was in.

He had been delivering the weekly paper when he arrived at Taryn Nichols’ house and found the invitation in her mailbox. Listen, it was sticking out of the top of the mailbox, begging for him to look! Anyways, on the cardstock was, handwritten, a location: Glen Forest, north end; a date: tomorrow; a time: midnight. It had to be a party. Cole loved parties.

All the next day, his mind wandered more than usual