How To Hang A Witch

Adriana Mather
Thursday, May 18, 2017

Samantha Mather has just moved to Salem, Massachusetts, the site of the infamous witch trials. Sam is the descendant of Cotton Mather, the man responsible for the trials. So she almost immediately becomes the target of a group of girls called the descendants, a new generation of the witches persecuted during the trials. She soon discovers she is at the center of an ancient curse affecting anyone with ties to the trials. She must find a way to work with the descendants and an angry ghost to stop a deadly cycle and history from repeating itself.

This book is absolute thrilling, spooky...

The Haunting of Fabian Gray

Barbiere, Frank J.
Rated by
Edward R.
Friday, Aug 18, 2017

The Haunting of Fabian Gray is a classic action and adventure story with some wonderful twists that are fitting for comics. The reader follows Fabian Gray, a treasure hunter, in search of his missing sister after a supernatural incident made her disappear and gave him special abilities.

Just Kill Me

Brian Selzer
Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Megan Henske is not a normal teen, her family owns an undertaker business, which makes her a perfect candidate to land a job at a Chicago ghost tour company. But soon she realizes her boss isn’t joking about killing people at stops to make them more haunted, and she might even help. Then come the mysterious deaths of prominent figures in the ghost tour industry, and she discovers she looks exactly like woman who disappeared in 1922. She also receives a mysterious warning that she might be the next ghost on the tour.

Fun, yet disturbing read. I felt like I was in Chicago. I loved the...

Coraline Book Cover


Neil Gaiman
Rated by
Sam S.
Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016

While exploring the new home Coraline and her family have just moved in to, she stumbles upon a small, mysterious door hidden behind wallpaper in one of the rooms. Through it, she discovers a world very much like her own, and yet very different, including alternate versions of her parents and neighbors. This alluring world turns dark when she finds that her parents have been kidnapped and she is slowly becoming trapped in a web of her Other Mother's making.

Lockwood & Co.: The Case of the Screaming Staircase

The Screaming Staircase

Jonathan Stroud
Rated by
Amanda C.
Sunday, Sep 25, 2016

London has a problem - one involving ghosts, spectral and other apparitions of the not-so-alive variety and the only ones who are able to feel, hear or see a ghost's presence are children. That's where Lockwood & Co. come into play. They're a psychic detective agency run by teenagers that takes on ghostly cases in order to make London a better, safer place. No job is too big or too small for them. In this case, Lockwood & Co.

A skull in a jar of green liquid, surrounded by chains

The Whispering Skull

Jonathan Stroud
Rated by
Hilary S.
Saturday, Mar 21, 2015

Lockwood & Co. is a paranormal investigative team comprised of three teens: Anthony Lockwood, George Cubbins and Lucy Carlyle. Because only children can see and hear ghosts they are ideal hunters of the paranormal.

A Sudden Light

Garth Stein
Rated by
Leslie N.
Sunday, Dec 28, 2014

This is an interesting book by the author of The Art of Racing in the Rain. As with that book, the story is about a dysfunctional family. This time though, it is narrated by a young man instead of a dog. Trevor's parents are separated. His mother has returned to her homeland in England and his father to the palatial estate built many years ago by his great grandfather who was a logger baron. His parents decide he should spend the summer with his father, to help his father make amends with his family. The estate is on a beautiful hilltop overlooking Puget Sound in Seattle.

Wednesday, Apr 3, 2013

After the Event, people see the dead. They are as normal to life as breathing now, but Veronica wishes that life would return back to the way it was before. Now, the ghosts are becoming stronger and they want to return to their lives and become part of the living again.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

For those readers who enjoyed P.C. Cast’s House of Night series here’s another young adult paranormal series by C. C.

Thursday, Oct 13, 2011

Billed as a modern-day Rebecca, this gothic tale of love and mystery is set in a crumbling villa in Provence. Eve and Dom, after a whirlwind romance, have moved in and begun the slow process of renovation. The summer is glorious but at the advent of cooler weather Eve begins to have suspicions about Dom’s past and the disappearance or death of his ex-wife. Three young women go missing in the area. Seemingly insignificant, unexplainable events heighten Eve’s se