White Collar

By 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
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Rated by Diane H.
Jun 30, 2016

I recently started watching the television show White Collar. As with most shows that I stick with, it’s the characters and how they interact that keep me interested.

Neal Caffrey is a thief and con man who is nearing the end of his prison sentence. When he escapes, it’s up to FBI agent Peter Burke to recapture him. Burke offers Caffrey a deal--help the FBI apprehend some of the more difficult-to-catch criminals in exchange for conditional freedom. Despite the limitations--he’s wearing a tracking device and can only be on his own within a two mile radius--it still beats being in a jail cell.

Thin Ice

By Irene Hannon
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Rated by Lisa J.
Feb 17, 2016

Christy Reed has had a difficult year. First she lost both of her parents in a car wreck, then just a few months later her sister Ginny dies in a house fire. Just as Christy is starting to pull herself out of her grieving and begins to accept that she is alone in the world, an envelope arrives in the mail. The envelope is addressed in Ginny’s handwriting and is postmarked just a few days ago. What is going on, and where is Ginny?

Brand new FBI Special Agent Lance McGregor receives Christy’s call about the letter and reopens the case. There are many questions that need answers. Is Ginny still

Power Play

By Catherine Coulter
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Rated by Lisa J.
Dec 26, 2014

If you have enjoyed Coulter's seventeen previous FBI thrillers you will continue to do so with Power Play. Savich and Sherlock are assisted by Special Agent Davis Sullivan who, one fall morning when leaving Starbucks on his way to work, helps to stop a car jacking in progress.  Unbeknownst to him, the intended victim is U.S. Ambassador Natalie Black who is back in the U.S. following the death of her fiancé and an attempt on her life outside of London.  While Savich and Sherlock start the investigation into who is gunning for Ambassador Black, Agent Sullivan is assigned as her bodyguard.  When

Jun 26, 2013

Fear Itself is a World War II thriller that focuses on German-Americans and their activities before and during the war. At that time, the FBI, under the rule of the legendary J. Edgar Hoover, was focused on unearthing communists. There were a few agents, however, who saw the Bund, a German-American organization as more of an immediate threat than the communists. Two of those agents, Harry Guttman and Jimmy Nessheim, are tracking down a plot that could change the course of the war, and thereby, history.

So many WWII spy thrillers take place in Europe, like The Unlikely Spy by Daniel Silva or A

Dec 15, 2010

Too Close to Home by Lynette EasonIf you liked (or loved) Dee Henderson's O'Malley Series you will enjoy (or love) Lynette Eason's new series Omen of Justice which begins with Too Close to Home. Homicide detective Connor Wolfe is spearheading the taskforce looking into the mysterious disappearance of teen girls in his small southern town. At first glance the victims don't appear to have anything in common so Connor calls in FBI Special Agent Samantha Cash, computer expert, to go over all of the girls' computers and phone records to see if she can find anything to connect the girls.

The more time Connor spends working on the