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Jun 30, 2016

I recently started watching the television show White Collar. As with most shows that I stick with, it’s the characters and how they interact that keep me interested.

Neal Caffrey is a thief and con man who is nearing the end of his prison sentence. When he escapes, it’s up to FBI agent Peter Burke to recapture him. Burke offers Caffrey a deal--help the FBI apprehend some of the more difficult-to-catch criminals in exchange for conditional freedom. Despite the limitations--he’s wearing a tracking device and can only be on his own within a two mile radius--it still beats being in a jail cell.

The criminal cases highlighted each episode are intriguing, but it’s the interaction between Caffrey and Burke that’s the most fun to watch. Burke can appear to be a bit bumbling and occasionally awkward, but his mind is sharp and he has a knack for getting the job done. Caffrey can charm or con his way in just about anywhere. Together they are a formidable team.

The supporting characters are also appealing. The interactions between Burke and his wife Elizabeth, and between Caffrey’s friend Mozzie and everyone else, are enjoyable to watch.

Neal Caffrey reminds me a bit of Frank Abagnale, who wrote about his real life amazing adventures in Catch Me If You Can.

Reviewed by Diane H.
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