I Am Big Bird (DVD) & The Wisdom of Big Bird

By Caroll Spinney
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Rated by Hannah Jane W.
Jan 19, 2017

I Am Big Bird is a must-see for fans of Sesame Street, Jim Henson, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, or all of the above. It’s a documentary focusing on the life of Caroll Spinney, the puppeteer who plays both Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, and also sometimes other famous Sesame Street characters like Bert. As I’m sure you already know, Sesame Street is like a big family where everyone helps one another to educate and entertain children. You will not only get the inside scoop on the puppets in this documentary, but you will also enjoy learning about Caroll Spinney, members of the Sesame Street team

The Magicians Season 1 (DVD)

By Mitch Engel
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Rated by Jed D.
Aug 31, 2016

This isn’t Hogwarts or Narnia, exactly. It’s more like a dark reflection of those popular magical fantasy novels. In the first season of The Magicians, based on Lev Grossman’s novel of the same name, Quentin Coldwater discovers magic is not only real, but potentially fatal. While studying at Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy, Quentin and his classmates are attacked by a magical being that is linked to their favorite childhood fantasy series about the land of Fillory that the author never completed. 

Can they use magic to enter this other world and finish the story? The real question

The Midnight Special (DVD)

By StarVista Entertainment
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Rated by LeeAnn B.
Nov 9, 2015

If you remember (or have heard anyone talk about) LPs, 8-tracks, bell bottoms and the time when disc jockey Wolfman Jack ruled the FM radio waves; watch this to relive it or to see what it was like.  The 6-disc set compiles some of the best performances from the NBC Friday night variety show.  The program premiered in 1972 and was regularly broadcast from 1973 through 1981; it was a time before MTV and music videos brought rock music stars regularly into our homes.  Be sure to catch Episode 81 hosted by 1950s icon, Little Richard who introduces a younger but largely unchanged Steven Tyler and

Yes Please

By Amy Poehler

Rated by Library Staff (not verified)
Aug 23, 2015

Yes Please gives readers insight into the crazy, hilarious, sweet and caring mind and life of Amy Poehler. She discusses everything from the day she was born, to the first time she realized she wanted to be an actress, to learning improv in Chicago. She talks at length about the hysterical workings of Saturday Night Live and how much she thoroughly enjoyed herself and working with her fabulous co-workers. Toward the end of the book she describes how wonderful her experience was working on Parks and Recreation and gives little anecdotes about each one of her colleagues and includes information

Warehouse 13

By Warehouse 13 (dvd)
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Rated by Diane H.
Sep 25, 2013

Warehouse 13 stores and safeguards objects imbued with magical powers. Gandhi's sandals bring a sense of peace, Marilyn Monroe’s hairbrush can turn your hair blond, an ancient Roman coin can erase memories. These objects can be healing, frivolous, or extremely dangerous, especially in the wrong hands. Sometimes those wrong hands are merely ignorant, others are deliberately malicious. Whatever the case, it’s up to Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer to track them down, neutralize them, and bring them safely to the warehouse.

Myka and Pete are Secret Service agents who have been “recruited” by the

Heat Wave by Richard Castle

Rated by Library Staff (not verified)
Jul 24, 2013

Heat Wave is the first book purportedly written by Richard Castle. Richard Castle, in turn, is the title character of the ABC crime drama, Castle. In the first episode of the TV show, the author uses his friendship with the Mayor of New York to arrange a “ride along” with one of New York’s finest. Continued forays to various crime scenes provide material for Castle’s book on the detective. Heat Wave is that book.  The true author of the novel is unknown.

Heat Wave opens with magazine journalist,Jameson Rook, trading favors to arrange a “ride along” with Detective Nikki Heat. Detective Heat and

Sherlock (DVD)

Rated by Library Staff (not verified)
Dec 28, 2012

The BBC reboot of Sherlock Holmes updates the iconic detective for the twenty-first century.  The genius remains on the cutting edge of technology, virtually glued to his phone, and his longsuffering Watson records their adventures in his therapist-mandated blog.  Gone are the pipes, replaced with nicotine patches (“It’s impossible to maintain a smoking habit in London.”), yet Dr. John Watson is still an injured veteran of the war in Afghanistan.

The first season of this critically acclaimed series features three ninety-minute episodes.  The first, “A Study in Pink”, introduces the updated

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer on DVD

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Oct 14, 2011


The television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which appeared for seven seasons, is a mix of California sunshine and old B movies.  Buffy manages to bypass the stereotypical gothic atmosphere with a modern, realistic setting and plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor.  Each episode starts with the beginning of the story and explodes into music by the band Nerf Herders, accompanied by a slide show of pictures from current seasons. Sara Michelle Gellar as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” leads the Scooby Gang, as they refer to themselves, through a nonstop combination of karate, street fighting, and

Star Trek: Borg — Fan Collective [DVD]

Rated by Library Staff (not verified)
Jul 23, 2010

borg.jpgGeek that I am, I can’t believe I’m about to write a negative review of a “Star Trek” product, but it’s true.

I just can’t get behind the “Star Trek: Borg – Fan Collective” DVD collection. Sure, it offers four discs and 14 episodes. Sure, those episodes include “The Next Generation’s” two-parter “The Best of Both Worlds” -- and with the possible exception of the feature film “First Contact,” there’s no better Borgfest than that. And sure, all the episodes here, obviously, feature the Borg – part humanoid, part cybernetic organisms. Tougher than Klingons, icier than Romulans, the Borg are the

The Wind at My Back DVD Canadian television series

Rated by Library Staff (not verified)
Jun 12, 2010

This Canadian television series is a wonderful saga of a young family during the Great Depression. There are characters of all ages so your entire family will enjoy it. I just happened across it in the library one day. After watching the first show I was hooked and watched all five seasons.

10 Things I Hate About You

By ABC Family
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Rated by Kate M.
Jul 23, 2009

Ok. I admit it. I am addicted. I was pretty skeptical when ABC Family announced that they were going to make a TV show out of one of my favorite 90's movies. I was ready to hate it. I almost didn't watch the premier. But somehow I ended sitting in front of my TV at 7pm on July 7th tuning into ABC Family. And even more unbelievable is that I liked it!I was ready to hate all the characters. Who could play Kat better than Julia Stiles, who could be Patrick Verona except the talented Heath Ledger? Lindsey Shaw does a great job playing a Kat who is both strong and lovingly stupid at times, Ethan