Star Trek: Borg — Fan Collective [DVD]

Jul 23, 2010

borg.jpgGeek that I am, I can’t believe I’m about to write a negative review of a “Star Trek” product, but it’s true.

I just can’t get behind the “Star Trek: Borg – Fan Collective” DVD collection. Sure, it offers four discs and 14 episodes. Sure, those episodes include “The Next Generation’s” two-parter “The Best of Both Worlds” -- and with the possible exception of the feature film “First Contact,” there’s no better Borgfest than that. And sure, all the episodes here, obviously, feature the Borg – part humanoid, part cybernetic organisms. Tougher than Klingons, icier than Romulans, the Borg are the Star Trek universe’s most menacing baddies.

The problem here: Too much of a good thing. Specifically, too many episodes from “Voyager,” which was not the strongest Star Trek series Paramount ever produced. “Voyager’s” two-part “Scorpion” is fantastic; it introduces a species even the Borg seem to fear. But I would have left out the “Unimatrix Zero” episodes, which are convoluted and contrived.

Then again, this set is subtitled “Fan Collective.” “Trek” fans voted online for their faves, and when majority rules, well, critical resistance is futile.

I do agree with another major inclusion here: The “Voyager” series finale “Endgame.” It’s a visual and narrative feast, and thus a true (sorry, I can’t resist) smorgasborg.


Reviewed by Library Staff