Drawing of an Asian woman whose kimono tappers into a beach image


Min Jin Lee
Rated by
Caitlin T.
Friday, Apr 24, 2020

International historical fiction is not my typical genre, but Min Jin Lee’s Pachinko swept me off my feet. This epic Korean family story starts in the late 1800’s and spans all the way to the late 1980’s. The unifying thread of the tale is Sunja, a resourceful and headstrong woman who has to repeatedly prove her convictions and loyalties through life’s many tests.

Cover for The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden

Park Chan-wook
Rated by
Zachary C
Friday, Jun 8, 2018

The Handmaiden, a Korean film adaptation of the novel Fingersmith by Sarah Waters, is the newest film from one of the most daring directors in cinema.

The Buddha in the Attic

The Buddha in the Attic

Julie Otsuka
Rated by
Sam S.
Wednesday, Jul 19, 2017

The Buddha in the Attic is a short novel depicting the lives and struggles of Japanese mail-order brides arriving in America in the years leading up to World War II. It is not one central story that follows a single character--or even a few. Instead, the author uses the first person plural narrative style (through the use of "we" and "our") to tell the stories of countless, mostly nameless women.

Kafka on the Shore

Haruki Murakami
Rated by
Megan C.
Tuesday, Jan 5, 2016

Haruki Murakami is not for everyone, but he’s one of my favorite authors. His indescribable blend of post modernism, magic realism, and surrealism set in his native Japan never fail to provoke rumination on topics ranging from existential to mundane. This novel is translated by the prize-winning J. Philip Gabriel.

A boy standing on a world shaped like a baseball, between American and Japan

Take Me Out to the Yakyu

Aaron Meshon
Rated by
Hilary S.
Thursday, Jan 30, 2014

My daughters and I found this book especially fun to read. We all enjoy baseball, but we also love to learn about Japan (we have family there). My girls love learning words in Japanese, besides the fun comparisons on each page of differences between Japan and America. The art is funky and and exciting. - See more at: http://jocolibrary.bibliocommons.com/item/show/1226618036_take_me_out_to...

Friday, Oct 1, 2010

A sweeping historical novel that captures the readers' imagination and brings them to an intimate relationship with the characters is rare indeed, but this novel achieves just that level of mastery. David Mitchell combines his meticulous research with his brilliant writing style to tell the story of Jacob De Zoet as he tries to earn a fortune to win his fiancee's ha

Thursday, Mar 11, 2010

The Tokyo Zodiac Murders is an interesting mystery set in Japan. The introductory portion of the book contains some heavy imagery, so be forewarned. This is not a 'cozy' mystery. While reading the introductory chapter, I couldn't figure out where the mystery was going to come in to play. Afterall, here the book is laying out what is going to happen. Or so I thought.