Take Me Out to the Yakyu

Aaron Meshon
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Jan 30, 2014

This is a favorite title in our family. My daughters love getting a glimpse of life in Japan. This story offers side by side comparison between America and Japan of a familiar and fun topic: baseball. The main character is a little boy who visits a baseball game in America with his Pop Pop, and again in Japan with his Ji Ji. The facing pages allow Meshon to contrast various aspects of visiting a baseball game; from traveling to the game, getting food, what the crowd does during certain parts of the game, to going home and going to bed.  Not all of the differences are spelled out in the story - some are revealed in the illustrations: paper tickets are shown for America, while Ji Ji's cellphone shows digital tickets. At the end, the author explains key differences in how the games are played between the two countries.  Also included is a little translation dictionary for certain phrases. Some of them are baseball related, while others are family related. The graphics are bold and fun, making it a lively read.

Reviewed by Hilary S.
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