Three Hands for Scorpio

By Andre Norton
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Feb 21, 2020

     Three Hands for Scorpio is the last adult book for young adults of Lifetime Grand Master of Fantasy, Andre Norton, who passed away on March 17, 2005 after a long and extremely fruitful career.  Her magically detailed world-building skills, upright, against-all-odds characters, and fast pace will be sorely missed.  Tor rushed a copy of this book of women-of-steel into print, so that the 93-year-old author could see it before she died.  It is the last manuscript she penned alone, and has an action-packed storyline.  I have read most of Ms. Norton's books, and especially enjoyed her women

Cat Quest (PS4 Game)

By Gentlebros

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Jul 9, 2018

Sometimes you want to play a game that is deep and meaningful, with intricate gameplay and insight into human nature, that will draw you in for weeks on end.

Sometimes you just want some cute fluff you can knock out in a matter of hours.

This is definitely the latter.

The creator's site describes Cat Quest as being influenced by The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Skyrim, and it really shows.

A playful parody, completely aware of its own silliness, this game is just a pure delight. It's packed with classic video game tropes like the silent protagonist with a talkative companion, fetch

Love in Lowercase

By Francesc Miralles
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Rated by Megan C.
Dec 30, 2016

For lovers of The Elegance of the Hedgehog, Love in Lowercase, by Francesc Miralles, shares many of the same elements, but with a lighter touch; philosophical, humorous, it is a story of loneliness and love, coincidence – and cats.

Samuel, a rather solitary professor, begins a new year with the appearance of a surprise visitor, which sets off a chain of events that draw him out of his stagnant routine and into relationships with some colorful characters. The story takes place in Barcelona, which is sure to charm lovers of that city, as Samuel wanders through many of its well-known streets on

Bad Kitty Meets the Baby

By Nick Bruel
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Rated by Becky C.
Jan 15, 2014

Life was good for Bad Kitty when it was just her at home with her human parents.  Then one day they adopt a stupid, disgusting dog.  Bad Kitty eventually learns to tolerate the dog.  Then, Bad Kitty’s human parents bring home another horrible, retched creature.  Bad Kitty assumes it’s another dog, but the neighborhood cats think it’s another cat.  They decide to enter this new creature into The Kitty Olympics to see how she competes.  Bad Kitty finally learns that this creature is not a cat or a dog: it’s a human baby.  Now what's she supposed to do?  This children's chapter book is hilarious

Dec 7, 2012

Francesco Marciuliano writes the comic strip Sally Forth and has carried his sense of humor over to I Could Pee on This. As the title states, this is a book of poetry written by cats. It is illustrated with pictures of the cat authors.  The cat pictures range from awww cute to majestic to disdainful, just like cats. I laughed my way through the whole book and had to mop my eyes several times. The first poem is entitled Family and sets the tone for the rest of the book. Here is Family:

Sometimes when I lie on your warm chest
And hear your every happy sigh
I gaze into your two kind eyes

Wild Things by Clay Carmichael

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Feb 17, 2012

Wild Things by Clay Carmichael is the story of an 11-year-old girl named Zoe, whose first-person narrative—tough and knowing but also full of humor and curiosity—grabbed me after the first page. Zoe had already spent a lot of time in the school of hard knocks; Henry, Zoe’s uncle, is gruff, crabby and complicated, and equally compelling.  The two of them together make you want to read on to find out more about their lives from the beginning. 

The relationship children have with adults has such a huge impact over a child's life, and it’s so important for someone like Zoe, who has had such an

Apr 27, 2011

When I first picked up this book I figured that it would be all about the cat. Of course, much of it was, but there is a lot more to this book. The author, Vicki Myron, also writes about her own life, with its trials and tribulations, ups and downs. In so doing, she paints a picture of life in a small midwestern town. Most of the book takes place in Spence, a little town in northwest Iowa, in the midst of farming country. So we also get a glimpse of what life was like for famers in the heartland from the 1960s to the present.

And, of course, the book is about Dewey Readmore Books. He was

Apr 30, 2010

Dewey by Vicki MyronAs is true with many of the titles I read, this one was recommended by a patron. Dewey is the sweet story of a kitty that was found in the book return box of the Spencer, IA public library one cold winter morning. The library director adopted the cat and the library became his home. He was given the name Dewey and throughout his 19 years of living in the library, he touched so many lives. Through his kind, loving and sometimes mischievous presence, he provided comfort and support to the director, the staff, and many patrons. He was featured in local, national, and international newspaper

Feb 2, 2010

The couple who brought the sick, abandoned kitten to the vet were of the opinion that he should be put to sleep. But the vet felt otherwise and restored him to perfect health, with the exception of his sight. She then set about finding him a loving, permanent home. That home was found in Gwen Cooper.

Despite her low-paying job, tenuous rental situation, and the two cats she already had, Gwen was immediately smitten. The story will be familiar to anyone who’s a sucker for a furry face, but one thing that sets Gwen’s story apart, aside from the challenges presented by Homer’s blindness, is her