Cat Quest (PS4 Game)

Jul 9, 2018

Sometimes you want to play a game that is deep and meaningful, with intricate gameplay and insight into human nature, that will draw you in for weeks on end.

Sometimes you just want some cute fluff you can knock out in a matter of hours.

This is definitely the latter.

The creator's site describes Cat Quest as being influenced by The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Skyrim, and it really shows.

A playful parody, completely aware of its own silliness, this game is just a pure delight. It's packed with classic video game tropes like the silent protagonist with a talkative companion, fetch quests, a mysterious precursor race, and dividing a main goal into three parts, and it makes tongue in cheek references to a variety of other games (I'm looking at you, "Cara Loft"). Gameplay is simple and fun, you can dress your catventurer in a number of different, adorable armor sets, and the sheer volume of cat puns is pawsitively overwhelming.

From start to mew game+, this is just a collection of mindless cute, and well worth some time relaxing with. Faceplant your way into a catnap and enjoy some purrfect downtime.

Reviewed by Library Staff