The Wild Inside

Jamey Bradbury
Rated by
Debbie F.
Thursday, Mar 26, 2020

Seventeen year old Tracy Petrikoff loves the outdoors. She is an avid hunter with an unusual... proclivity for the animals she kills. Her family is heavily involved with dog sledding but following her mother's death, they struggle financially after her father gives up mushing and sells the majority of their sled dogs. Tracy keeps hoping to change his mind about her competing in upcoming mushing events, but after she is suspended from school for fighting, her dad grounds her from taking care of the remainder of their dogs and roaming the woods surrounding their home.

Monday, Apr 24, 2017

Alaska. I imagine it’s the most remote you can get while remaining on American soil. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to pack your bags and move there, save yourself the trip and read Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs first.

Raven with a photograph of mountains on his wings

To the Bright Edge of the World

Eowyn Ivey
Rated by
Debbie L.
Wednesday, Dec 28, 2016

To the Bright Edge of the World deserves all the praise it has been receiving. In 1885, newly-married Colonel Allen Forrester leads a small group of men on an expedition into untamed Alaska Territory to explore the possibilities for future settlements and trade routes. He leaves his pregnant wife, Sophie, behind and they exchange letters, writing about the hardships they each face while away from the other.

Big Miracle (DVD)

Rated by
Terri B.
Friday, Aug 17, 2012

While reporter Adam Carlson is on assignment in Barrow, Alaska, he stumbles across the story of three trapped whales. Big Miracle, a movie inspired by a true story, happened in 1988. It shows actual footage of the events that unfolded in this remote part of Alaska.