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Alone Together

Sherry Turkle
Rated by
Margaret O.
Tuesday, Oct 3, 2017

As one who did not grow up with the internet, I was interested to see what Turkle's opinion is on where we began and where we currently are concerning the internet and how it has changed us.

Wednesday, Jun 8, 2016

The Fairy Tale Girl and Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams must be read together. The two books were originally meant to be one book, but Susan Branch’s life is so packed with living and inspiration that one book quickly became two very powerful volumes overflowing with growth, play, wisdom and a hefty dose of girl power. Though the books are heavy they are equally adorable, easy to tuck into and get lost for ho

Step by Step

Candace Calvert
Rated by
Lisa J.
Monday, May 2, 2016

It's been three years since her husband was killed in a freak accident and Taylor Cabot is making plans to start living again. She’s made a moving-on list and is marking items off. She's moved home, is getting active with the help of an activity tracker, and has replaced the donuts with healthier choices. She's even started spending time with a handsome plastic surgeon from the hospital where she works as an ER nurse. When her old friend, Seth Donovan, turns up at the hospital to train the crisis team, old feelings begin to resurface.

The House on Fortune Street

Margot Livesey
Rated by
Heather B.
Tuesday, Feb 2, 2016

The House on Fortune Street by Margot Livesey is a beautifully written novel that explores the lives of four interconnected characters, each with a very different perspective on taking control of their fate versus succumbing to what luck (or misfortune) has to throw at them.

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The Bone Clocks

David Mitchell
Rated by
Hope H.
Friday, Nov 20, 2015

Audiobooks are my preferred method of distraction during my daily commute, and while The Bone Clocks didn't grab me immediately, eventually its clever interlinking story arcs lured my mind away from the surrounding river of taillights and exhaust.* Like Mitchell's

The Heart Goes Last

Margaret Atwood
Rated by
Heather B.
Wednesday, Oct 28, 2015

The Heart Goes Last takes place somewhere in the near future, after a catastrophic economic crash. Most people are unemployed. Many are homeless. Young married couple Stan and Charmaine are reduced to living in their car, barely surviving on the money Charmaine makes at her waitressing job.


Dee Henderson
Rated by
Lisa J.
Monday, Aug 10, 2015

Matthew Dane was a police officer until his daughter was kidnapped and missing for years. He then left the force and started a private detective service so he could continue the search for his daughter. Once his daughter was found, he was able to help her adjust to life outside of captivity and then help other families in the same situation.

About Time (DVD)

Richard Curtis
Rated by
Debbie F.
Sunday, May 31, 2015

Starring Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson, About Time is a sentimental movie about a unique family with a special gift. At twenty-one, Tim learns from his father that all the men in the family can travel in time, back to any moment in their own life. Tim becomes determined to make the most of his talent and use it to find true love.

Waves washing onto a beach with a couple walking together in the distance.

The Five Love Languages

Gary Chapman
Rated by
Caitlin T.
Monday, Apr 20, 2015

Quality time. Words of affirmation. Physical touch. Receiving gifts. Acts of service. These are the five ways that people give and receive love according to relationship counselor Dr. Gary Chapman. This book guides you in how to “fill the love tank,” as Chapman words it, of your partner by learning how to assess the way your partner wants to receive love. By knowing which love language your partner speaks (i.e. which way they want to receive love), you can improve even the healthiest of relationships.

Book Cover


John Corey Whaley
Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

There is no delicate way to tell a person that he is holding a container full of the incinerated remains of his own body.


"Grow apart." So often, when two people are asked to explain why their relationship has changed and isn't working out, at least one of them will say that they have simply grown apart. They have grown in different ways so that they have less connection and less in common than they once did. Sometimes it's not so much a matter of growing in different directions as growing at different rates.