Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart

Feb 11, 2011

Follow Lenny and Eunice as they try to find their way in this futuristic novel set in New York City approximately 60 years in the future. This cautionary political satire depicts a world where technology and the information age have taken over and no one knows how to communicate in person anymore, no one reads books anymore, and any semblance of values, morals, or modesty is out the window. Lenny, a near 40 year old, born of Russian immigrants, falls for a 20-something Korean girl who has been abused by her family and is struggling to find herself. Both struggle to make sense of the chaos the world has become and how to fit into it. America is no longer the powerhouse we know today, struggling to survive financially, and run by a "big brother" government. The author alludes to how America could end up if we continue our political ways. Each character provides a first-person account through his online diary entries and her "emails" to her friend, mom, and sister. This title is not recommended for those who are offended by sexual content, strong language, or violence. To me, it was an interesting read, a bit scary, with a bad ending, but worth the time.

Reviewed by Jennifer W.M.
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