Friday, Sep 1, 2017

A Foxfire Christmas is an amazing collection of Christmas traditions from the people of Appalachia; food, gifts, decorations, and preparations. It also includes a wonderful compilation of interviews by Georgia High School students.

Learn how to make dough ornaments, simple crafts, and hear stories from elders who have spent their entire lives in the mountains. Holiday recipes are a big part of the Christmas holidays and these have been passed down for many generations.

Monday, Dec 9, 2013

In the 14th Century, Klaus lives the life of a simple woodcarver who begins to carve toys for all the children of his village after the Black Death strikes his village. In the years to come, his fame spreads through out the region. So much so, that it becomes impossible for him to deliver all the toys on one night. Here begins the magic and whimsy that will influence Klaus for the rest of his natural life...and beyond! Here starts the legend of Santa Claus!

Friday, Feb 8, 2013

When a serious injury sends Evie Stryker to Fool’s Gold where her estranged brothers and mother have made their home, Evie finds herself at a crossroads. Evie left Fool’s Gold, and the family where she never seemed to fit in, at the age of 17 to study dance at Julliard and she never looked back. Then Evie was injured and her mother and brothers moved her to Fool’s Gold for her recovery and rehabilitation. Now, as recovered as she is going to be, Evie is chafing at th

The Last Noel by Heather Graham

Rated by
Melody M.K.
Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012

This romantic suspense thriller takes place in a rural area about two hours outside of Boston, Massachusetts. It's Christmas Eve, and all is neither calm nor bright. They are in the midst of a nor'easter. The snow storm veered south instead of north like the weather man predicted, and is now paralyzing New England.

Friday, Dec 9, 2011

If you are looking for an inspirational story to read this holiday season and you are short on time, I suggest Donna VanLiere's beautifully written and illustrated book, The Christmas Journey. Donna VanLiere begins her book with the actual Luke’s account of Jesus birth and then retells the story of Joseph, Mary and Jesus in her own voice.

Tuesday, Jan 18, 2011

When preparing for the holidays next year, consider checking out Nigella Lawson's Nigella Christmas to help you out. This book is packed with everything one needs to entertain a crowd or feed your family. Chapters cover catering parties, hot and cold drinks, baking, brunches, and a step-by-s

Friday, Mar 12, 2010

I picked up the historical romance anthology The Heart of Christmas because of the name Mary Balogh on the cover and because I miss the old Regency Christmas anthologies.

Friday, Jan 22, 2010

I didn't check out this story collection until after Christmas but reading it out of season did not lessen my enjoyment. Great writers from Charles Dickens to Richard Ford are represented in this collection. There were a couple of stories that I had read previously - A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote and The Blue Carbuncle by Arthur Conan Doyle - but they are well worth reading again.