The Christmas Chronicles: The Legend of Santa Claus

Tim Solver
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Dec 9, 2013

In the 14th Century, Klaus lives the life of a simple woodcarver who begins to carve toys for all the children of his village after the Black Death strikes his village. In the years to come, his fame spreads through out the region. So much so, that it becomes impossible for him to deliver all the toys on one night. Here begins the magic and whimsy that will influence Klaus for the rest of his natural life...and beyond! Here starts the legend of Santa Claus!

With The Christmas Chronicles Tim Slover crafts the "real story" of Santa Claus. In this charming story, he takes bits and pieces of Santa lore and weaves them together to form a unique tale all its own. Slover explains how Klaus became Santa and the magical things that he can do with cheerfulness and wonder. There is good and evil in this story, as well as joy and sorrow, scary sections and laugh-out-loud moments (the reindeer are hilarious). It is not perfect, but it is an enjoyable, fast-paced ride. At the end, you many end up believing that Santa is out there waiting to spread a little magic and wonder.

At 163 pages long, this story is perfect for a family to read together in the nights leading up to Christmas. Also available on CD.

Reviewed by Jared H.
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