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Oct 21, 2021

Even If We Break is a book about a group of friends who are drifting apart that decide to go back to their old roots of roleplaying. But then weird things start to happen that leave some of them farther apart or closer together.

Even If We Break was enjoyable, but it was hard to get through. I give it a 3 out of 5. The action happens at the end of the book and the beginning and middle of it is all build-up. Once the action started it was more fun to read, but I had already guessed what was going to happen. There is great representation in this book and multiple different perspectives though

Oct 21, 2021

Rules For Being a Girl is about a girl in high school named Marin who is a steady rule-follower with big dreams. Marin has a teacher named Mr. Beckett that admires her rule-following and creates an unprofessional relationship with her that leads to Marin being assaulted.

I give this book a 4 out of 5. I like the message it spreads and how realistic the characters are. Marin goes through a lot and the readers see her grow and learn about herself. This book notes the reality of how society views and handles assault and grooming. There are so many layers involved in the story and while we only

Oct 21, 2021

This book is the first in a fiction mystery series of four. It follows Stevi, a curious girl who loves solving mysteries, who gets accepted to one of the most prestigious schools, to solve the school’s mystery. This was a fast read for me and I would rate it a 4 out of 5. I had so much fun following Stevi through her trying to solve the mysteries, and I loved the relationship dynamics between her the other characters, specifically her best friend. There's also a fair bit of humor I enjoyed with some of the things a character would say or do. The main thing that I didn’t enjoy that much was how

Oct 21, 2021

Can’t Look Away, by Donna Cooner, is a realistic fiction book. Torrey Grey, an amazing beauty vloggers’ life changes, when her sister dies. After her sister dies, fans are blaming her for the death. Hate comments are bashing Torrey. Now, that she goes to a new school, can Torey trust the people? What if they know about her sister’s death?

I enjoyed reading this book because it has a really good plot. I also think that the title is creative. It was a good book because it included many details. Torrey is trying to deal with the hate comments, while she moves to another school, in a different

Oct 21, 2021

Rebecca Hanover’s sci-fi thriller, The Similars, is the first book in a duology of the same name. In this novel, six clones, the Similars, were made of six socially elite students. The Similars arrive at the exclusive Darkwood Academy, and Emma, a student at Darkwood, doesn’t know who to trust as her friends keep disappearing. To save everyone at Darkwood, especially the Similars, Emma and her friends must push back against the hidden motives that plague the school. This book was fantastic! The plot, the characters, the mystery, it was all thrilling! Emma’s emotions towards Levi as they

Oct 21, 2021

This book is about an African American girl named Starr Carter who lives in two different worlds with her school being predominantly white and located in a suburb and where she lives which is understood to be the ghetto. When she tries and figures out her different worlds, there is suddenly a traumatic event where her childhood best friend is fatally shot by a police officer. In order to take revenge and bring justice for her friend, she starts to protest and advocate for justice about police brutality against African Americans. In the end, Starr’s little brother King does something that will

Oct 21, 2021

Blood Promise, the fourth book in Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series, is the best of the series so far. After Dimitri is turned into a strigoi, Rose abandons her old life, including her best friend, to find and kill the man she loved. After traveling to Russia, Rose finally finds Dimitri, but instead of killing him, she is kidnapped by him. While Rose is being held by a group of strigoi, Lissa is stuck at St. Vladimir's with some mysterious newcomers as she loses control. Mead's writing perfectly captures Rose's emotions throughout the book, and the mystery surrounding Lissa held an

Oct 21, 2021

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian begins with a Native American called Junior who leaves his reservation to attend an all-white high school in a neighboring town. It tells his story of how he tries to fit in with the white kids yet still maintain his cultural identity, as well as attempting to re-befriend his ex-best friend from the “rez,” all while struggling to balance personal problems back home.

I enjoyed The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian; it isn’t something I would usually read, but for some reason, I really had the urge to pick it up off the shelf. It gave

Oct 21, 2021

When Ellie moved new schools in her junior year, she and Hunter quickly started a relationship. All was well until Hunter broke up with her in senior year to date a different girl, Brynn. To top it all off, she is stuck with them in home economics. While she has to watch Hunter with Brynn, she gets paired with three of the most notorious guys in their school. She will soon have to learn how to heal her wounds and be herself again.

I enjoyed reading this book; there were many places in the book that made me smile. This book taught me that even though there might be some rumors about someone

Oct 6, 2021

One of Us is Lying follows four students trying to solve a murder of one of their own while they are put in the spotlight at school and on social media.

This book was so fun and interesting. I rate it 4 out of 5. I was interested in what was happening the whole time and because the book has perspective for each of the students, I was really able to delve deep into the plot. The representation of different stereotypes and how they are broken by the characters was such a fun aspect added to the book. The one problem I have with it is there was not enough diversity within the main characters

Oct 6, 2021

When 5 high school teenagers, Addy, Simon, Nate, Cooper, and Bronwyn get stuck in a detention room for a day; only 4 of them come out. Simon is dead and all four of them are suspects in this thrilling mystery. Who has supposedly murdered Simon? Read more to find out!

This book takes many basic attributes and uniquely combines them to form original and relatable characters. Each person in this story has a detailed background and keeps secrets deep within themselves. This book is very shocking and filled with plot twists. I didn’t really like how the ending was kind of up to interpretation

Oct 6, 2021

Maeve is a well-known fortune teller in Saint Bernadette’s Catholic School. When she gives Lily, her former best friend, a tarot card reading, she pulls out ‘’The Housekeeper’’ card.  Not knowing what this means, they both get into an argument that ends badly. A few days later, Lily ends up missing. After wondering if she had something to do with her disappearance. Maeve sets out to find Lily and return her back to her family. Did Maeve have something to do with Lily’s disappearance? Does Maeve find Lily? Read more to find out!

I really like fantasy books that have magical elements in them

Oct 6, 2021

One of Us is Next, Karen M. McManus’s sequel to One of Us is Lying, begins when a mysterious person creates a game of Truth or Dare to reignite Simon’s gossip legacy. The goal of the game is to force Bayview High students to either complete a dangerous dare or face the exposure of one of their deep secrets. Maeve, Bronwyn’s younger sister; Knox, Maeve’s best friend; and Phoebe, the first target of Bayview’s new threat, somehow find themselves working together to solve the mystery of who is behind the game, and why they would ever try to bring back something that triggers so many students’ bad

Oct 6, 2021

If you have been looking for the perfect mystery book, Every Single Lie by Rachel Vincent is ideal. This book is narrated by the sixteen-year-old teenager, Beckett, and her disarranged family. Beckett’s life becomes the spotlight for her entire town when she discovers the dead body of a new born baby. Tail Beckett as she discovers obscure family secrets and herself. As we discover more clues, we also point fingers at more people. In my opinion, the defining part of the book was how more clues made it confusing, but in the end everything clicked together. The cover of the book illustrates our

Sep 23, 2021

Real, Not Perfect is a book that will definitely stir up feelings of hope and optimism in your soul. Tessa, an only child, seems to have a perfect life. She has good grades, she is adored by her parents, and she is active in her swim team and in church group. But, it all falls apart when she finds out her parents are divorcing, her best friend moves away, and she gets stuck in an unbearable drama class. She soon makes friends in her drama class that help her see the brighter side of life.

This book really brings light to situations that often happen in real life. I like how the author makes

Sep 10, 2021

15-year-old Xiomara Batista never felt heard from the people around her. Although she hated it, her body did all the talking. With an overly religious mother and the judging stares of other people, Xiomara felt trapped, unable to break free from her problems. Due to her overwhelming emotions, she turned to writing poetry to manage her feelings.

When Xiomara finds out about a slam poetry club at her school, she is filled with curiosity. She eagerly wants to join, but the poetry club meetings overlap with her church’s conformation class, which is her mom’s number one priority for her. Will

Sep 5, 2021

One of Us is Lying opens with the death of Simon, a high school student and the creator of a gossip app, a day before he had planned to expose the carefully-guarded secrets of four other students: Bronwyn, Addy, Cooper, and Nate. Only, the four students in the detention room when he was poisoned were just those: Bronwyn, Addy, Cooper, and Nate. When the “Bayview Four” are declared suspects in Simon’s murder, all four of them claim they’re innocent—but which one of them is lying?

I have always loved mysteries because I like trying to solve them myself, but I loved One of Us is Lying even

Sep 3, 2021

Frostbite, the second novel in Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series, was even better than the first book. After a mysterious strigoi attack threatens the protections surrounding St. Vladimir's Academy, the student body takes a trip to a ski lodge. On the trip, controversy arises among the moroi, and Rose is held hostage by a group of strigoi.

I loved how this book took on a darker tone than the last one, focusing more on serious issues instead of high school drama. Additionally, I enjoyed how Rose developed in this novel; she became less naive while still maintaining her fiery and

Restart by Gordon Korman


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Aug 30, 2021

Restart is an amazing book to read if you like reading for fun. In Restart, the story is about a boy named Chase and he falls off his roof and forgets everything. He remembers how to speak the language he speaks but he does not remember anything else. When he gets to school there are many kids who are scared of him and many athletes who like him. Over time Chase learns that he was a bully and a jerk to many students. Chase takes the opportunity of forgetting everything and tries to learn how to make himself anew person.

I loved reading this book and I recommend this book to many teens

Aug 27, 2021

This teen comedy TV series was years ahead of its time and unappreciated when it aired in 1982-83, cancelled before the full first season could be finished. It’s a shame because it’s so smart and funny and different from anything else on TV at the time. It probably would have done better 15 or 20 years later, but it’s so endearingly ‘80s, I can’t imagine it at any other time and being so charming. 

The premise is this: two best friends are freshmen at a typical suburban American high school. Patty is a sweet, shy nerd who is too smart for her own good (played by a young Sarah Jessica Parker

Aug 27, 2021

Finding My Voice by Marie Myung-Ok Lee focuses on17-year-old Ellen Sung, the only Korean girl in her small, all-white school in a small, all-white town. While grappling with her parents’ high academic expectations, Ellen also experiences blatant and implicit racism. Time and time again, she catches hissed remarks or sly smirks from other students, yet she doesn’t seem able to speak up against them. To further complicate her school year, Ellen earns the chance to pursue a relationship with her crush, Tomper Sandel, but her parents would never approve of dating a non-Korean boy. Ellen only has

Aug 15, 2021

The first time I saw this book was online while I was browsing through the Johnson County website. I was interested in this book because of the cover. As I read further into this book I understood that it was more than an adventure story but also a way of going on the journey with Karr. This book has the highest of commendations because it shows how Karr, a kid, journeys throughout the entire galaxy to find out how his powers work only to find out that he was predestined to do something else. This book will help people find how to find themselves because it helped me in that way. When you open

Aug 13, 2021

Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy, the first book in a series of the same name, was excellent. After running away from school, Lissa, a Moroi princess, and her unofficial guardian/best friend, Rose, are caught and forced to return to St. Vladimir's Academy. There, the two girls must figure out who's after Lissa, all while trying to navigate a high school filled with vampires.

I loved this book; I especially enjoyed how Mead wrote Rose as a strong female character that seemed like a real teenager instead of an invincible savior. The one criticism I have for this book is that the high school

Jun 25, 2021

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a very exciting and funny movie. In the movie, the main character Ferris Bueller decides to fake being sick and have one last extremely fun and eventful day off of school before graduation. He sneaks his girlfriend out of school and convinces his friend, who actually is sick, to join the adventure. The movie details the memorable day from performing in a parade to deceiving the principal.

This is one of my favorite movies because Ferris is an extremely clever kid with a good sense of humor. The movie resembles the stereotype of skipping high school with some

Jun 8, 2021

One of Using Is Lying, by Karen M. McManus, is a Mystery/Thriller novel. The story unfolds around four teens after their classmate, Simon Kellhelro, dies. Brownyn, Nate, Addy, and Cooper become suspects in the murder. The four suspects each had a motive to kill Simon. Slowly by slowly, the supposed murder reveals the secrets of the four students. The four suspects become closer and vouch for each other.

I really enjoyed this book because the story has many twists and turns. This is one of the best books I have ever read. Having that said, I think everyone would enjoy this book, especially

Mar 12, 2021

        After letting her insecurities ruin her experience at a Halloween party, Olivia "Liv" James decides to make a F*ck-It List to never let her insecurities get to her again. This leads Liv to get a part in the school musical, gain new best friends, as well as attractions to 3 different boys. The list seemed to change Liv's life for the better, until one rule of the list led to a series of misunderstands to unfold in this inspiring novel.     
          The most compelling aspect is the relatability of the main character. Personally, no other books could come as close to being as

Jan 14, 2021

The Battle for Room 314 by Ed Boland, published in 2016, tells the compelling story of his year teaching in an inner-city high school in New York City. As a young man, Boland worked for Project Advance, a non-profit working to place low-income, inner-city students in elite boarding schools and eventually Ivy League universities; however, he begins to feel unfulfilled and wants to widen his impact to help more deserving students. Therefore, he goes back to school to get his teaching degree and ends up getting hired in an inner-city high school –this story follows the trials and tribulations of

Little Pretty Things

By Lori Rader-Day
Rated by Katie S.
Apr 7, 2016

Imagine always being in second place - one step behind the same person over and over again. Juliet Townsend was that second place person to friend Madeleine Bell all throughout high school. They ran track together and Maddy was always the star while Juliet stood to the side. Ten years later, she is still second place to Maddy, although she doesn't realize it until Maddy comes waltzing into the Mid-Night Inn looking as beautiful and pristine as ever. Embarrassed, Juliet agrees to meet with her to talk through some issues from their past. Juliet, however, can't seem to figure out why Maddy has

The Rules for Disappearing

By Ashley Elston
Rated by Lisa J.
Aug 2, 2015

Not knowing how her family has landed in witness protection is driving seventeen year old "Meg" crazy. But she knows the two rules of being in witness protection... be invisible and don't make friends.  Easier said than done, and after six placements in the last year she is bound and determined to make this placement stick as the constant moving and stress of learning new identities and back stories is tearing her family apart. Meg is determined to figure out what landed her family in this situation and she'll do whatever she can to fix it so they can just go home and everything can go back to

When a Secret Kills

By Lynette Eason
Rated by Lisa J.
Sep 19, 2014

In the conclusion of the Deadly Reunion series, investigative reporter Jillian Carter has decided it is finally time to come out of hiding and return home after 10 years on the run.  On the night of her high school graduation Jillian witnessed a murder committed by her boyfriend's uncle who just happens to be a state senator.  Knowing that she was next on the senator's hit list she ran and has been in hiding ever since.  Jillian is exhausted from looking over her shoulder and frustrated by the stress of being hyper-viligant for all of this time knowing that the senator will never give up until