The Rules for Disappearing

Ashley Elston
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Aug 2, 2015

Not knowing how her family has landed in witness protection is driving seventeen year old "Meg" crazy. But she knows the two rules of being in witness protection... be invisible and don't make friends.  Easier said than done, and after six placements in the last year she is bound and determined to make this placement stick as the constant moving and stress of learning new identities and back stories is tearing her family apart. Meg is determined to figure out what landed her family in this situation and she'll do whatever she can to fix it so they can just go home and everything can go back to normal.

Meg's plan is thwarted when, on her first day of school, she meets the irrepressible Ethan. No matter how many times she gives him the cold shoulder he just won't give up. And pretty soon Meg doesn't really want him to. Now she's more determined than ever to make sure she doesn't have to go running off into the night, to get her life and family back, and perhaps build something new with Ethan and this quaint little Louisiana town that she's starting to like.  

By pushing to find out why they are in witness protection Meg brings danger to town and now she has to worry about Ethan as well as her family. When Meg finds out the truth will she and her family be safe or in more danger than ever?  Find out in The Rules for Disappearing by Ashley Elston.

Reviewed by Lisa J.
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