Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

Jan 22, 2010

Generation Dead by Daniel WatersGeneration Dead by Daniel Waters is another take on teen vampires. In this vampire tale, teens, and only some teens, who die are coming back as the living dead. These living dead teens have lost a lot of their previous personality and functionality however, in Oakvale; there is a significant number of "living impaired" or "differently biotic" teens attending Oakvale High. For the most part they are ignored by the rest of the student body and tolerated by the teachers until Tommy Williams, living impaired junior, tries out for the football team. Goth girl, Phoebe takes an interest in Tommy Williams and his "living impaired" friends and is soon being ostracized even more than she already was as a "goth". As Tommy's prowess on the football field heats up tension on the team his burgeoning relationship with Phoebe heats up as well. Things come to a head at the homecoming dance between the "traditionally biotic" and the "differently biotic".

Reviewed by Lisa J.
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