Cover of The Cafe By the Sea: shows scene of outdoor cafe seating in European village

The Café By the Sea

By Jenny Colgan

Rated by Emily D.
Oct 13, 2020

London based paralegal, Flora, has desperately pined over her American boss for years. He doesn’t know she exists. Flora has all but resigned herself to unrequited love, until one day he calls her into his office. But the love affair of her dreams doesn’t start there, instead she is sent on assignment to the island of her origins, Mure. The Scottish island is not somewhere she planned on returning, but maybe she’ll get a love affair after all.  

Continue Flora’s story along with her brothers and friends in Colgan’s sequel: The Endless Beach. The story just gets sweeter in this follow-up to Th

Listening and Reading My Way through Scotland

Rated by Library Staff (not verified)
May 22, 2019

What do you think of when you imagine Scotland? Do you picture the rolling, verdant fields of the Highlands? Maybe you think of the craggy, stony mountains or the foggy moors filled with sheep. How about 6,000 miles of windswept coastline? Scotland sounds like a dream but what should I really expect? The perfect way to discover a place is through reading!

There are so many resources at the library to help prepare for my trip. It’s always nice to feel like you know a place before you get there. I need to have great theme music wherever I go. There are so many amazing CDs in the library

How to Marry A Royal Highlander

By Vanessa Kelly

Rated by Library Staff (not verified)
Aug 22, 2015

Vanessa Kelly returns to the Renegade Royals with her fourth book (sixth book if you count the two digital novellas) in the series, How to Marry a Royal Highlander.  We were introduced to the Whitney twins and their family in book three, How to Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy, and this novel follows up with the romance of Edie Whitney and former spy, Alasdair Gilbride. 

Gilbride is actually heir to a Scottish earldom but has been avoiding his responsibilities to both the earldom and his arranged marriage since he was 16 years old.  Unfortunately, his time has run out.  With his grandfathers’

Young James Herriot: the Early Life and Education of the Beloved British Vet

By Michael Keillor (Director)
Star Rating

Rated by Sarah As
Aug 16, 2015

While you’re waiting for the new season of Downton Abbey or Call the Midwife, I recommend watching this 2011 drama series based on the early life of famous British veterinarian and author, James Herriot (All Creatures Great and Small). The three episodes focus on the young Herriot and his relationships with his classmates at the Glasgow Veterinary College in 1933. The story line includes the rise of the fascist movement in pre- WW II Great Britain and treatment of women in the profession, while painting a true picture of Scottish life in the economically depressed early 1930’s. The series was

At the Water's Edge

By Sara Gruen

Rated by Library Staff (not verified)
Jun 18, 2015

Philadelphia, 1944. The world is at war and yet Maddie and her husband, Ellis, and their friend Hank don't seem to notice. Having been forced out of their home after a drunken outburst at a New Year's Eve party, Ellis and Maddie are cut off completely from his well-off family. After throwing the final insult and claiming his father was a liar when he saw the Loch Ness monster in Scotland decades before, Ellis plans a reckless trek across the Atlantic with Hank, and Maddie is forced to go with them against her wishes. They believe that they will find the monster, prove their worth to Ellis's

Here Burns My Candle

By Liz Curtis Higgs

Rated by Library Staff (not verified)
Apr 27, 2015

Lady Elisabeth Kerr, a Highlander and sympathetic of the Jacobite cause, has not hidden her support of Prince Charles and his rebel army.  Now her husband, Lord Donald Kerr, has decided the cause is a worthy one and he and his brother have both decided to back the prince.  Lady Elisabeth’s widowed mother-in-law, Lady Marjory, is not at all excited about her two sons going into battle, but is caught up in the excitement the prince has stirred within their town of Edinburgh.  Lady Marjory makes no secret that she has switched her loyalty and has even financially backed the prince with more than