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Cover of the book My Second Work by Bridget Lowe.

My Second Work by Bridget Lowe

By Bridget Lowe
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Apr 7, 2021

“Poetry is a matter of life, not just of language.” Lucille Clifton 

This quote—a favorite, I freely admit—echoed in my mind as I read and re-read Bridget Lowe’s second collection, My Second Work. I understand Clifton’s quote to mean that poetry can be esoteric—a symphony of sounds that lull us into a state in which we choose to not question the meaning of it all simply because it sounds so good in the air. Let’s be clear: I love poetry that sings to me and, sometimes, I do not care “what it means” or if it means anything to me, personally, because the language of it lets me imagine/lets me

Dark Places

By Gillian Flynn
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Nov 2, 2014

With the recent release of Gone Girl in theaters and Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time to read Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.

The novel features Libby Day, a bitter and psychologically damaged young woman whose family was seemingly randomly murdered when she was 7 years old, with the blame falling to her older, devil-worshiping brother. Now 24 years later, Libby happens upon a group who call themselves the Kill Club, who obsess over famous massacres and crimes. The group convinces Libby that her brother may not have been the murderer after all, which leads Libby to

May 25, 2011

     This true crime fiction genre book covers “the case of the century”.  In the year 1909 a prominent Kansas City family because the center of investigation of a mysterious cases of mass poisoning.  A wealthy Mr. Swope, who donated his land to the city for Swope park, and several members of his family, the Hydes, died under suspicions circumstances.  The prime suspect was a new member of the Swope-Hyde family, Doctor Bennett Clark Hyde.  He was accused of trying to poison the extended family of his wife Frances Swope, to gain fortune of Colonel Thomas Hunton Swope, one of the richest men in

A Complaint-Free World by Will Bowen

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Jul 23, 2010

A Complaint-Fee WorldA Complaint-Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted by Will Bowen
Local Kansas City pastor, Will Bowen, has turned the world onto the crazy idea of discovering how to stop complaining! This title will remind you that you are what you think, that your health is really tied to your attitude, and that nothing is as bad as you think. The book is full of stories about people who have embarked on this journey, how it has changed their lives, and just how long it took them to achieve their goal - to stop complaining. The book has tools, tips, and tricks to

X-Priest: Protest with Purpose

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Jul 12, 2010

A life worth telling is a story worth reading. Richard Rosenberger reveals the life of an only child born of a highborn German immigrant father and a lovely American woman. Living in a working class Kansas City neighborhood during the notorious Pendergast era, a mischievious child, he served as an altar boy in the Roman Catholic Church. Rosenberger continued his service at the Church while growing into a delinquent, nearly criminal youth. Struggling to find his way, he chose the priesthood and did what it took to achieve his goal. He found the Church heirarchy corrupt and dishonest and was