X-Priest: Protest with Purpose

Jul 12, 2010

A life worth telling is a story worth reading. Richard Rosenberger reveals the life of an only child born of a highborn German immigrant father and a lovely American woman. Living in a working class Kansas City neighborhood during the notorious Pendergast era, a mischievious child, he served as an altar boy in the Roman Catholic Church. Rosenberger continued his service at the Church while growing into a delinquent, nearly criminal youth. Struggling to find his way, he chose the priesthood and did what it took to achieve his goal. He found the Church heirarchy corrupt and dishonest and was sorely disappointed when they set up roadblocks to the enlightened movement set out by Vatican II. Separating himself from the Church, he left the priesthood and struggled to find his way in the world, becoming a husband, father, and successful businessman. In time he became one of those courageous enough to stand up to the Church's practice of hiding the sexual abuse by priests. Essential for individuals who are interested in life in the 1930's, the Pendergast era, regional history, the inside the Catholic Church's practices and beliefs, and the sexual abuse scandals of the Roman Catholic Church, this is a revealing autobiography about a courageous man.

Reviewed by Library Staff