The Clearing by Heather Davis

Dec 15, 2010

The Clearing by Heather Davis The Clearing by Heather Davis is a kind of time travel romance. Amy, a senior in high school, has moved to a small town to live with her great aunt after her suffering physical and mental abuse at the hands of her boyfriend. Amy hopes that by moving to this small rural town she will be able to put the past behind her. Being a city girl, Amy explores her aunt's farm and discovers a thick mist that has settled over the clearing behind the wood pile.

Henry is stuck in June 1944, the summer he turns 18 and will be drafted into the army as his brother Robert was before him. Ever since Henry intercepted the telegram informing his family that Robert was missing in action after the troops stormed the beaches in Normandy, life for Henry, his mother and grandfather hasn't changed. After receiving the telegram about Robert, Henry prays that things will always stay the same and never change and ever since it's always June 1944 and the mist in the clearing never dissipates but cocoons his family in the safety of believing that Robert is safe and summer is endless.

One day, Amy stumbles from a chilly rainy fall day through the mist into a beautiful sunny June day and meets Henry setting into motion changes for both that neither had expected. Drawn to Henry, Amy keeps returning to Henry's side of the clearing. However, Henry, fearing that his traveling to Amy's side of the clearing will set in motion changes that will destroy his family chooses to remain on his side of the clearing. When Amy finds evidence that Robert survived the war and lived to an old age, Henry can no longer deny that it's time the family left June 1944 behind.

To find out what happens in the clearing with Amy and Henry read The Clearing by Heather Davis.

Reviewed by Lisa J.
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