The Story of Owen

E. K. Johnston
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Apr 29, 2014

After famed dragon slayer, Lottie Thorskard, is injured on the job she takes early retirement and moves to the small town of Trondheim to escape her notoriety and the big city. She brings her partner Hannah, and nephew Owen, whose father is out fighting the carbon eating dragons that have plagued Canada since the dawn of time.

Late for his first class on the first day of school, Owen asks Siobhan McQuiad for directions. Turns out, they’re both late for English, and both end up in after-school detention where a friendship is born. As a gifted music student, Siobhan is also good at math and becomes Owen’s tutor. When dragons become a problem in their village, Owen must step up his training in dragon slaying. And he needs someone to help him.

Aunt Lottie believes that for the public to understand a dragon slayer, his story must be told by someone else. Siobhan becomes the perfect bard-in-training and tells the story of how it takes a village, and many dragon slayers, to overcome the dragons that are invading their town.



Reviewed by Octavia V.
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