Dee Henderson
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Aug 10, 2015

Matthew Dane was a police officer until his daughter was kidnapped and missing for years.  He then left the force and started a private detective service so he could continue the search for his daughter.  Once his daughter was found, he was able to help her adjust to life outside of captivity and then help other families in the same situation.  

Shannon Bliss went missing at the age of 16.  Now, almost 12 years later, Matthew finds a woman waiting for him outside his hotel room claiming to be Shannon Bliss.  She is seeking his assistance in reuniting with her family and bringing down the group who held her captive.  While Matt has experience in reuniting children with their families after being kidnapped, Shannon's is an especially delicate case.  Her brother is in the process of running for governor and the group that had been holding her turns out to be a large and dangerous crime family with cells all around the country.  Matt calls on his faith to help him assist Shannon as she navigates telling her story of the last 12 years and moves to be reunited with her family.  Matt and Shannon have many long, difficult discussions and call on their faith as they work together.

As Matt and Shannon spend more and more time together their bond deepens into something more than just friendship.  Can a relationship born out of this type of situation be real and successful?  Will their faith be strong enough to help them overcome the issues that still need to be overcome?  Can Shannon truly recover from her ordeal and fully commit to a relationship?

Readers of  Lynette Eason and Candace Calvert will enjoy Taken by Dee Henderson.


Reviewed by Lisa J.
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