Angry Conversations with God: a Snarky But Authentic Spritual Memoir by Susan E. Isaacs

May 31, 2011

As a non-Christian reader, I found Isaacs’s memoir more whiney than snarky. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy some aspects of the book. But I found myself wondering why Isaacs repeatedly makes bone-headed personal and professional choices based on what she thinks God wants her to do. And then claims to have been “torched by God”.

 I was especially put off by Isaacs’s therapy sessions, where she engages in couples counseling in order to divorce God. Her counselor makes her imagine what God and Jesus say in their defense to all her whining. I mean snark. Again, why is she trying to second guess the Big Guy?

What I gained from Isaacs is an appreciation for how some people might develop a strong faith, and how difficult it is for a modern girl to stay true to her beliefs. Especially when those beliefs and requisite belief system consistently fails to deliver.

I listened to Angry Conversations almost directly after Jim and Casper Go To Church: Conversation About Faith, Churches, and Well-Meaning Christians in which Casper the Atheist asks “is this what Jesus told you guys to do?” I wish I could suggest Isaacs read Jim and Casper, as she seems to be trying to answer that very question without ever articulating it.

Reviewed by Helen H.
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