Jun 6, 2012

The setting is San Francisco, current day.  A wayward teen never adopted has maxed out on state help and is forced out into the world.  As the story unfolds the back story of Victoria’s life is revealed, including the many mistakes she has made.  She has a gift with flowers and shares that gift with others.    The reader watches her develop and grow and yet continue to make mistakes.  A frustrating read, though engaging.  Victoria is not particularly likeable yet I found myself rooting for her.  Appropriate for teens and up.

Feb 17, 2011

The Luxe, by Anna Godbersen, reminds me a little of a Jane Austen novel in that the rules of society can be imprsioning and can cause much tragedy and heartache. The story takes place in Manhattan at the very end of 1899. It is the story of the elite, the upper class, the wealthy. They live in their own world, filled with dancing, parties, social visits, the opera,  lavish dinners, and rules. The rules determine what one can and cannot do, say and not say, at least in public. It is a world where a few words spoken to the right person can ruin a woman’s reputation, and hence, her future as the

Mar 1, 2011

When Jonell Richardson McLain falls in love with a diamond necklace far outside her price range, she gets the brilliant idea to gather a group of women who, with combined purchasing power, can share the $32,000 necklace. That she could gather thirteen women, all willing to commit to the project is amazing, but she was able to cut a deal with the owner of the jewelry store if she included his wife in the group.

At their first meeting they hadn’t even decided how they would share the necklace, but soon decided that the necklace would pass to a new group member every 28 days. She could then do

The New Yorkers

By Cathleen Schine
Rated by Helen H.
Jul 15, 2010

I recall, as a fairly sheltered college student, traveling to New York City for the wedding of a distant relative. It hadn’t occurred to me that there could be neighborhoods in this crowded place of constant motion. When I supposed that it must get lonely living where you would never serendipitously bump into someone you knew, a cousin tried to set me straight by explaining that people frequent the same places and thus you would often encounter the same people. I don’t think I truly grasped what he was saying until reading The New Yorkers.

The inhabitants of a New York neighborhood, all

Jul 23, 2010

The PactThe Pact, a Love Story by Jodi Picoult
Meet Chris and Emily, two kids who have known each other since birth, grown up next door to each other, and now have fallen in love. Everything is perfect for both families until Emily is discovered shot to death. Picoult masterfully unfolds her story as two families who were best friends for the last eighteen years are torn apart by murder, suicide, and unanswerable questions. The authors tackles teen fears and anxieties, the bonds of friendship and love and just what will destroy those bonds. Though one of Picoult’s earlier works (as evidenced by the

Sep 11, 2012

In this dystopian/alternate world novel, The Pledge by Kimberly Derting, the country of Lundania is on the brink of war. The Queen, whose magical powers pass down through generations, is growing old and does not have a female heir. In Lundania, and the surrounding countries, a Queen must be on the throne in order to be recognized as a country. Lundania, and its class system, is slowly falling apart. Language is the tool used to determine what class a person is in, and if one tries to go outside their class the immediate punishment is death. Seventeen year old Charlaina (Charlie) has the

May 6, 2011

The Radleys is a story of an all American disfunctional family with 2 parents 1 daughter and 1 son. The parents want to deny who they truly are, and so do not tell the children who they really are.
Trying to be something they are not causes the children a lot of physical sickness and mental stress. The daughter is attacked by a classmate and she reacts in a way she never dreamed of. She killed the boy and drank his blood. Yes, they are a family of vampires.
I found The Radleys a fun read but a little bloody. Just the way I like it.

Jul 16, 2010

The Solitude of Prime Numbers by Paolo Giordano could probably be called an anti relationship book. The story revolves around two people who come together and move apart throughout the book. They each each an intense experience when young, which affects their personalities and the rest of their lives. Will they end up together? Should they end up together? I suppose that a deeper, more relevant question is whether or not it is possible for people who have deep wounds, who are just that little bit more different, can find happiness with another person. The Solitude of Prime Numbers may or may


Rated by Rachel N.
Feb 14, 2013

What would you do if you were given the option to know when you would meet your soul mate? Would you want to find out? Oona (Emma Caulfield) desperately wants to know the answer to when and who. In her world you can find out by having a timer embedded in your wrist. There’s a catch, your soul mate also has to have a timer for the countdown to begin. Oona’s timer is blank. She dates people who are timer-free and when things start to get serious, she takes them to get timers. Unfortunately this results in the termination of the relationship, as the newly embedded individual is not her match

Timer DVD

Rated by Magda B.
Oct 21, 2011

Even if you are not a big fan of “chick flicks,” you should give this one a chance.  The plot of the movie is little more than that of two people falling in love after overcoming several obstacles.  This comedy has a twist of a futuristic nature.

The love candidates live in a time when a special digital watch-like implant was invented to do all the matchmaking.  The implant shows an exact time when one is supposed to meet their soul mate.  The timer turns on the minute ones true love receives an implant.  And if the watch turns up blank, one’s soul mate does not have an implant yet.

 In this

Time Writing Contest Winner

By Sarah Donohoe
Rated by Helen H.
May 23, 2018

Johnson County Library and The Writers Place are pleased to announce that Sarah Donohue has won the open category of our writing contest on the theme of TIME with "Grounded".

Donohue has been writing a weekly column in the Estes Park News in Estes Park, CO for 12 years. In 2017, she published "Slices of Life, Estes Park; Best of The Thunker Columns," a collection of favorite columns from the first 10 years. She currently lives in Lenexa and does seasonal work in Estes Park, supervising the hiking program for YMCA of the Rockies.


Gone hiking. Back about 2:00.

She put

Triangles by Ellen Hopkins

Rated by Katerina J.
Nov 23, 2011

Ellen Hopkins is one of the most frequently challenged young adult authors of the 21 century. She is known for not being afraid to tackle controversial issues and taking on topics such as drug addiction, sexual abuse or teen prostitution. Her novels have been very popular among teens and adults alike. Ellen Hopkins recently visited the Johnson County Library to talk about her books. It was at her event, where I learnt about Triangles, Hopkins’ first novel for adults. As soon as I started reading the novel, I was captivated and blown away.

In Triangles, Hopkins offers a powerful realistic