Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

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Feb 15, 2012

Juliette has not been touched for over three years. She has not seen a single soul, except for the hand that brings her food once a day, if she is lucky. Juliette can never be touched. It is her curse that she has borne since her infancy, and it is the cursed ability that landed her in an asylum and torn away from a life where she was shunned by everyone, including her parents. Juliette is immediately turned upside down when she is re-introduced to the only kind soul she has ever known, the soldier Adam, and the only person who can ever touch her without dying. Juliette is then thrown in the middle of military battle where a sinister leader, Warner, wants to use her as a weapon and take over the world with her at his side. Juliette and Adam must find a way to escape the military camp where she is held and seek out any form of salvation that might exist in a world that is quickly falling apart.  Shatter Me is the first for author Tahereh Mafi, and she weaves together a dystopian world where a young heroine must battle herself and others to find freedom. While the premise is very interesting, it falls flat towards the end. The overuse of metaphors and prose make this book difficult to get through at certain points, and the reader almost wants to scream at the dramatic heroine to calm down and get a hold of her life. In typical young adult fashion, the loose ends are tied up almost a little too nicely, and the ending was very reminiscent of an X-Men comic. However, those criticisms aside, it was a nice read and will be very popular with the young adult or adult crowd that crave the dystopian novels to fill their Hunger Games void.

Written by Jennifer R.

I have yet to be stumped on a game of 6 Degrees of Separation