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Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

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Rated by Jennifer R.
Feb 15, 2012

Juliette has not been touched for over three years. She has not seen a single soul, except for the hand that brings her food once a day, if she is lucky. Juliette can never be touched. It is her curse that she has borne since her infancy, and it is the cursed ability that landed her in an asylum and torn away from a life where she was shunned by everyone, including her parents. Juliette is immediately turned upside down when she is re-introduced to the only kind soul she has ever known, the soldier Adam, and the only person who can ever touch her without dying. Juliette is then thrown in the

Firegirl by Tony Abbott

Rated by John M.
Jun 29, 2011

Tom Bender is a typical seventh-grade student at St. Catherine's private school. He loves sports cars and has a crush on Courtney Zisky. Everything changes when a new student arrives. Jessica Feeney has been badly burned and has moved to New Haven to be close to a hospital specializing in burn therapy.

"As horrible as I thought the girl would look, it was nothing compared to what stepped into the room". The other students were frightened of Jessica and cruel rumours started about the origin of her accident. Jessica's medical condition causes her to miss many days of school. One day Tom's

The Morgue and Me by John C. Ford

Rated by Katerina J.
Aug 14, 2010

the-morgue-and-me.GIF Christopher’s goal is “to become a spy or at least a spyish-type figure”. Therefore, he is quite happy to accept a part-time summer job in a hospital morgue and hopes to learn something about forensic pathology before starting college. He expects an easy job. However, he accidently discovers a murder cover up and some of the town’s most influential people seem to be involved – the mayor, the sheriff, the local lawyer and of course the medical examiner. Moreover, Christopher’s best friend starts acting very strangely and Christopher’s role model, a young local policeman, appears to be mixed up